Thursday, October 21, 2010

you know you're married to a phd student when.

You know you're married to a PhD student when...
  • At dinner with your husband's friends, you don't understand 80% of the conversation.
  • You are one of two people in that dinner group who is not pursuing a PhD.  
  • You still get the student discount at the movie theater.
  • It is hard to keep track of your husband's class schedule from semester-to-semester (or even day-to-day)
  • Your husband still gets a Christmas break. 
  • You find yourself having more conversations about Hilbert spaces, real analysis and computer programming than you ever thought you would.
  • Even scarier, you are actually starting to understand some of the more basic things he is saying (thanks Dad for preparing me for electrical engineering wife-hood!)
  • You know your husband's favorite study snack (chocolate chip cookie dough)
  • You make that study snack every time test week comes around, in hopes that it will help to ease the stress.
  • Meals are scheduled around how much time away from studying he can spend eating dinner (or helping clean it up)
  • You requested your own DVR in the bedroom just so you don't always annoy him with watching Real Housewives and Project Runway while he studies.
  • Your husband has been known to go to bed at 5:00 am... not because of watching tv but because of writing papers.
  • The papers your husband writes are so complicated that you can't even offer to help him edit them. (I offer my dad instead!)
  • Your heart almost explodes from pride when you realize that all of his efforts are not just because he loves school (I'm pretty sure love is not the emotion he is feeling right now). They are because he wants to travel to Rome one day... buy a beautiful home... send kids to college... buy a grand piano... take ski vacations... have NBA season tickets... travel to visit our families... provide for his family... and he wants to do all of this with me. I think it's safe to say that I am a very proud, incredibly lucky girl.
Thanks for indulging me in a sappy post! Pictures from our fun weekend still to come!

Friday, October 15, 2010

five on friday.

  1. Two of my very best friends will be here in less than 12 hours. I am about to explode from excitement and am quite certain we will be making a scene when I pick them up at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport. 
  2. Yesterday was my brother-in-law's birthday! Hope your day was fantastic, Jason! I hear he got some fantastic gifts from his new wife :)
  3. This week I baked pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and ohmygoodness they were incredible. Another batch may or may not be prepared this afternoon for my guests. This recipe was my inspiration. Make them. Now. (especially you, Kelsey Kirkland... you will LOVE them!)
  4. I am getting my hair cut and colored today. I am not looking for any drastic changes (let's hope the stylist understands that!), just a little something new for fall. This is only my second haircut in Georgia. I won't even tell you about the first one. It was downright bad. 
  5. The salon I am visiting is close enough to walk. I will be picking up a pumpkin spice latte and taking an afternoon stroll to the salon... how fun is living in the city?!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend! I will be soaking up some girl-time with two of my favorites and enjoying meals at some of our favorite Atlanta restaurants!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

a reminder.

I had planned on blogging tonight about what we did this weekend. I planned on telling all of you about the fun date I went on with Kyle, how much I got done around the apartment and how much fun I had going for runs with Kyle and Tucker. But on tonight's run something scary happened. 

We saw a man get hit by a car. 

I cannot get the image out of my head. Cannot stop hearing the screams from the two friends that were crossing the street with him. Cannot stop imagining how the cab driver who hit him must be feeling right now... how worried both families must be... how either one of those people could have been me, my husband, someone I love. 

The only reason I am sharing this with all of you is because I also cannot stop thinking about what a wake up call this was for me and that maybe some of you need it as well. 

I am sure I am not the only person who has glanced at a text message when my car wasn't at a complete stop, who tried to find something in my purse while only leaving one hand on the wheel or who was thankful that my brakes are so reliable when I am suddenly uncomfortably close to the car in front of me. I do my very best not to do those things while behind the wheel of my car, but I know I am not the only one who slips up. 

 Any one of us could have been just like that cab driver. I don't know how he didn't see the man in the crosswalk or what he was doing that had him so distracted, but that doesn't matter so much now. I am sure that right now he is thinking to himself that the text message he was sending or radio station he was tuning to just isn't that important anymore. 

And that man crossing the street, he could have been anyone too. I don't even know how many crosswalks Kyle and I innocently stroll across between our home and the park where we run. But I know we don't always 'look both ways' quite as diligently as we did when we were younger. 

The moral of my long-winded story is this, take your time. When you're driving your car, the phone calls can wait. And as my parents always told me when I was learning to drive, driving fast to get somewhere isn't even going to be worth it if you aren't going to get there safely. 

If you're wondering, the man who was hit seemed to be alert when the ambulance picked him up. He was talking and moving his arms but I never saw his legs move. Tonight my heart is heavy for everyone involved. I hope you'll join me and keep them in your thoughts and prayers tonight. I also hope you'll hug the ones you love a little tighter.

Hope tonight finds you all safe and happy in your homes with the ones you love most.