Wednesday, February 24, 2010

does this thing still work?

Holy smokes it has been a while! A certain little furry family member has been keeping us very busy and not leaving lots of time for relaxing on the couch and writing. Just when I thought I would get around to updating all of you on our life, our little guy decided to chew right through my laptop cord, thus leaving me with no blogging ability until I could make it to the store. (For those of you who were curious, Apple power cords are not cheap!)

Other than his little puppy behaviors, Tucker is a great little guy. He will run around the apartment a million miles an hour and five minutes later he will be fast asleep. Such a nice life! He is four months old now and has gone from this tiny little pup...


to this 22 pound little guy...

(note to Tucker... please don't get too big! We love having you here but our apartment is just not big enough for a giant dog!)

Not much is new for us... lots of working for me and lots of studying for Kyle. We are both getting very excited to take a break for the every day routine and head home to Texas for spring break. We have opted to drive instead of fly and sweet little Tucker will be joining us. It should be quite the adventure! All three of us will be accepting prayers for our sanity!

That's all for tonight. I promise to do my very best to get better about my posting. I always have the best of intentions but end up reading about everyone else instead :) Hope that you are all having wonderful weeks!


  1. Additional note to Tucker: Please be good at Gramdma's house and don't chew anything in her house either :)

  2. We've driven MANY times! I actually don't mind it at all! I may be weird! haha! Take Care!

  3. my goodness tucker is adorable! that should be a
    FUN car ride...!!!!