Monday, February 28, 2011

nada mucho.

I'm at a loss for any substantial blogging so how about some bullet points? Yes? Perfect!

  • We are heading home to Texas in a little over 2 weeks. I can't wait to see our families!
  • My mom and I are already planning a little trip to the mall. Not sure that I need a thing for my closet, but I definitely need a day with my momma. 
  • If we're lucky, I'm hoping my dad will even join us for lunch. He loves to shop with his girls.
  • I watched the Oscars last night with some of my favorite twitter girls. Can't say it was the most thrilling show but I enjoyed their 'virtual' company. 
  • Today I packed away my winter clothes, pulled out the spring wardrobe and sorted through some things to donate. Glad to have that behind me!
  • On the list of things I would really like to buy right now, a new vacuum and new bedding are at the top of the list. 
  • That's only partly true. I would also like these. (in gold or island pink) 
  • I also may have my eye on a handbag or two. 
  • Don't worry, Kyle, I'm not about to purchase any of the above items!
  • Kyle's mom's side of the family does a drawing to determine which extended relative you will give a Christmas gift to. I'm gifting one of Kyle's sweet cousins this year and already have her gift ready to go.
  • I recently won a blog giveaway from Chips and Salsa designs. Can't wait to work with sweet Abbey!
  • I feel a need for there to be homemade chocolate chip cookies in our apartment at all times. Kyle has no complaints.
  • Tucker is doing GREAT! He probably deserves an update post of his own. He is recovering so well!
  • What isn't going great is waking up at 3:00 am to give Tucker his eye drops. Not. a. fan.
  • I am helping two of my college roommates host a bridal shower for another one of our former roomies. I'm in charge of invitations and am so excited!
  • I miss my sister in a very big way. 
  • I still need to recap Troy and Ivy's trip to the ATL. Soon, promise.
  • I didn't do any schoolwork today. It was a nice break but I have lots to take care of tomorrow!
I'm getting ready to snuggle up on the couch and work on invitations for the bridal shower I mentioned. Between invitation designing, The Bachelor and that carton of Blue Bell in my freezer, it should be a cozy Monday night!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

greetings from alabama.

Greetings from Alabama!

I am overjoyed to report that we just got a fantastic call from our surgeon to let us know that our little guy is awake and doing great! She said the surgery went exactly as she had hoped. 

We were so nervous when we left him at the hospital this morning. Our surgeon is wonderful and was so helpful to us, but she had quite a few concerns for things that could have gone wrong during surgery. Tucker was the last of three dogs to be operated on today and they saved him for last because of how tricky his surgery was going to be. We had lots of reasons to be concerned but everything went perfectly!

We had hoped that we would be able to visit him tonight but our surgeon wants him to rest as much as he can. We'll be visiting him first thing in the morning and hopefully taking him home right after that. We don't mind letting him sleep and regain his energy before we cover him with hugs tomorrow!

Thank you all so much for the prayers! The surgeon said there were lots of prayers going up for Tucker within that surgery room and I know there were many more among our friends and family. We are so appreciative and thankful for every single one!

We are off for an evening of celebrating in Birmingham!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

off to alabama.

I know that not everyone cares to hear the looooong version of this story, but I know we have lots of dear friends and family members who do. Feel free to skip to the very end if you fall in the first category. For those of you who want the whole tale, this will save mine and Kyle's moms from having to explain it to all of you on the phone :)

If you're new to this little blog and to our puppy's story go here to read about when we adopted him last January and here and here to read about the emergency surgery he had in November. 

Ever since Tucker's surgery, we have been watching his left eye like crazy. Kyle and I each say "Let me see your eyeball, buddy" at least twice a day. At least

About a month ago, Kyle was on the floor playing with Tucker and then the two of them got lazy and were resting on the floor. Kyle and Tucker were practically nose to nose on the floor when Kyle told me that he saw something wiggling in Tucker's eye. We've 'seen' lots of things in his eye since surgery but they all turned out to be nothing. This looked weird though, so we called our ophthalmologist who sent us to our regular vet for a checkup. The consensus between our vet and our surgeon was that Tucker's pupil was still a little too big for what they are comfortable with, so we increased how many eye drops Tucker was getting a day (from one drop a day to two drops a day). 

Last week I took Tucker back to his ophthalmologist for a checkup, to see how his eye pressure was and check out the 'wiggling'. The surgeon told us that what we had thought was a wiggly lens, was actually his iris. Without drawing a diagram of the eye, long story short is that his lens is not curved and holding his iris firmly in place and as a result, his iris is able to wiggle in his eye. Our surgeon said that he doesn't have many membranes holding his lens in place and there is a great possibility that it could become unattached. If that were to happen, the lens would either go forward in his eye and have to be removed, or fall back in his eye in which case we could remove it or leave it based on the specifics. Each option posed definite concerns and could have started a chain of other eye problems. The surgeon told us that she wanted to get some additional opinions before deciding what she would like to do. We are suspicious that what may have happened in his right eye was that his lens became unattached, went forward in his eye, his pressure sky-rocketed and it was all downhill from there.

Our ophthalmologist wanted to get opinions from some other eye specialists before jumping to any conclusions in deciding what we should do. She heard back from five respected ophthalmologists and four of the five had the same response, remove the lens in his left eye and insert an artificial lens in its place. If his lens were removed but an artificial lens was not inserted, he would be incredibly farsighted and there would be potential for other things in his eye to move around. The artificial lens will hopefully maintain his current vision and prevent any further catastrophes.  

That's what we have decided to do. We feel like we would have to be crazy to go against what four respected surgeons suggest, five if you count our own surgeon. 

Apparently the act of inserting a new lens is a very specific surgery that not all surgeons are trained in. Our surgeon isn't one of those few so she is referring us to a colleague and good friend of hers in Alabama.  

So we will be traveling to Birmingham next Tuesday and Tucker will undergo surgery that morning. The hospital is only a few hours away but we've decided to get a hotel because we  are obsessed with our dog as if he is our first born child want to be close by in case anything happens. We would very much appreciate if you could say a few extra prayers for us. We are praying that Tucker comes out of this surgery perfectly and that his surgeon faces no complications or challenges while she is operating. We are also praying that we will feel a little more at ease with the whole situation. 

We have complete confidence in the opinion of our doctor in Atlanta and the surgeon we will be seeing in Alabama. However, Tucker has had eye surgery before and nothing about it went smoothly or as planned. There were lots of specific circumstances that surrounded that surgery, a major one being that his eye pressure was off the charts, but we're still nervous. We are trying to stay positive and as my mom says, 'not borrowing troubles'.

We've been holding off on sharing the whole tale until we had Tucker's surgery scheduled, which we took care of yesterday. We still have a few questions to get answered before we leave for Alabama and also in our pre-surgery appointment but are confident and decided that this is what is best for Tucker.

So if you like sweet, snuggly puppy dogs and you like to pray, say a few for us next Tuesday! I'm sure we will be more than a little nervous but we are very ready to have this whole ordeal behind us!

How about we leave on a happy note! Surgeries, wiggly irises and all, Tucker is still the sweetest, snuggliest, happiest dog I have ever known.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

catching up... again.

I am a blog slacker. 

I've had every intention of blogging but there just doesn't seem to be much worth sharing. I thought about sharing some fun internet finds but that requires posting links, photos and photo credits.... just a lot more effort than I've felt like putting into a post. And in my defense, I wrote a lengthy post the other day to catch all of you up on some Tucker news. I'm holding off on posting it until we know a bit more.

So until then, here is what is on my mind right now, along with some iphone pictures to catch you up on what we've been doing.
  • I have an itch to go shopping. There isn't much that I need or want to spend money on, but I am aching to spend a lazy day at the mall with my mom and sis. 
  • Kyle and I made these cookies over the weekend. They were amazing but we plan on tweaking the recipe next time. Let me know if you want to make them... I'll give you our tips!
right before dipping the cookies in melted chocolate.... incredible!
  • I haven't used my sewing machine in a while. I'd love to take another class and get some new fabrics.
  • I feel like I should have decorated the apartment for Valentine's Day. However I do not feel like I should have bought decorations that will only be up for two weeks. 
  • Tucker does not appreciate that I am back in school. He is constantly putting toys on my lap and willing me to quit reading and come play.

  • We're still doing P90X, although we've missed a few days here and there. My muscles are still a little mad at me because of yesterday's workout.
  • I did all of our laundry on Saturday. Every single bit. 
Can you see my laundry helper in the background??
  • We're waiting to hear about some news regarding Tucker's left eye. We're hoping to hear from his surgeon soon and get on with things. I'll share more once we have know more. Until then, how cute is my puppy dog?!
  • We've started letting Tucker have more freedom at night and sleep in his LL Bean bed instead of his kennel. 
  • As a result of this new freedom, he may be getting a bit too big for his britches! He climbed all the way to the top of the couch the other night while I was watching tv.
  •  I love Valentine's decor and I love coffee cups. I need this one to make its way into my collection.

  • This one is also cute. I would accept it as well :)

  • Troy and Ivy are coming to visit this weekend!! We cannot wait for them to get here!! 

That's all for today, kiddos. I have some more reading to do, a kitchen to clean, and laundry to do...those baskets just didn't stay empty long enough! Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying your day. The weekend is almost here!