Wednesday, February 9, 2011

catching up... again.

I am a blog slacker. 

I've had every intention of blogging but there just doesn't seem to be much worth sharing. I thought about sharing some fun internet finds but that requires posting links, photos and photo credits.... just a lot more effort than I've felt like putting into a post. And in my defense, I wrote a lengthy post the other day to catch all of you up on some Tucker news. I'm holding off on posting it until we know a bit more.

So until then, here is what is on my mind right now, along with some iphone pictures to catch you up on what we've been doing.
  • I have an itch to go shopping. There isn't much that I need or want to spend money on, but I am aching to spend a lazy day at the mall with my mom and sis. 
  • Kyle and I made these cookies over the weekend. They were amazing but we plan on tweaking the recipe next time. Let me know if you want to make them... I'll give you our tips!
right before dipping the cookies in melted chocolate.... incredible!
  • I haven't used my sewing machine in a while. I'd love to take another class and get some new fabrics.
  • I feel like I should have decorated the apartment for Valentine's Day. However I do not feel like I should have bought decorations that will only be up for two weeks. 
  • Tucker does not appreciate that I am back in school. He is constantly putting toys on my lap and willing me to quit reading and come play.

  • We're still doing P90X, although we've missed a few days here and there. My muscles are still a little mad at me because of yesterday's workout.
  • I did all of our laundry on Saturday. Every single bit. 
Can you see my laundry helper in the background??
  • We're waiting to hear about some news regarding Tucker's left eye. We're hoping to hear from his surgeon soon and get on with things. I'll share more once we have know more. Until then, how cute is my puppy dog?!
  • We've started letting Tucker have more freedom at night and sleep in his LL Bean bed instead of his kennel. 
  • As a result of this new freedom, he may be getting a bit too big for his britches! He climbed all the way to the top of the couch the other night while I was watching tv.
  •  I love Valentine's decor and I love coffee cups. I need this one to make its way into my collection.

  • This one is also cute. I would accept it as well :)

  • Troy and Ivy are coming to visit this weekend!! We cannot wait for them to get here!! 

That's all for today, kiddos. I have some more reading to do, a kitchen to clean, and laundry to do...those baskets just didn't stay empty long enough! Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying your day. The weekend is almost here!


  1. Tucker is just SO cute!! I love reading your blogs to keep up with you!!! miss you big!

  2. wooo hoooo! i am SO exciiittteeeeddddd!!!! i am working my tail off today to try to finish everythin i can. i have a project due sunday morning but i refuse to have to work on it over the weekend!!!

  3. I hope you have SO much fun with Troy and Ivy this weekend! How wonderful to have friends come visit!! I want you to take lots of pictures-- I need to see lots from Ivy's excursions around Atlanta! :)

  4. BRING ME THOSE COOKIES!!!! DELISH! and your puppy are so cute! xo