Monday, May 17, 2010


Kyle turned 24 way back in March. The two of us (well, three if you count the pup) were able to spend a few weeks in Texas thanks to Kyle's spring break and a conference that he attended in Dallas. 

As soon as I realized that his birthday was going to overlap with our time at home, I set to work planning a party for him. We both miss our TX friends so much and I knew he would love an opportunity to get a bunch of his friends together. I also knew he would never in a million years ask for a party so I stepped in! He had mentioned before that he has never had a surprise party so I took things into my own hands. 

We had the party at my parent's house a few days before his actual birthday.  I was so busy playing hostess that I don't have any pictures of the guests, but we had such a great time getting to see good friends and celebrate my fabulous husband!

I took the party planning as an opportunity to get crafty!  This is the banner that I made... I love how it turned out!

These are a few of the snacks I made. The biggest hit were the crab-bacon rolls that I made from my El Paso cookbook and Pioneer Woman's BBQ jalapeno poppers. Both were easy (but time consuming!)  and can be made ahead of time... perfect for parties with lots of 20something boys!

The other food table. Kyle's parents supplied some yummy chicken wings, I made PW's roasted corn salsa and my dad made a delicious BBQ macaroni. We had LOTS of amazing food!

The fabulous Jessie from Edible Designs by Jessie made Kyle's yummy birthday cake. She also made our wedding cakes and is making Jenn and Jason's cakes. I highly recommend her for special occasions!

A little blurry, but the birthday boy and hostess with the cake.

Tucker had a great time at the party but our little guy was EXHAUSTED from the fun!

And of course, a family picture on Kyle's actual birthday

Thanks so everyone who celebrated with us as well as to my parents and Kyle's family! They were all SO helpful with all of the planning (and cooking and cleaning!)


  1. that was a fuuuun and delicious party!!

  2. His birthday party looked like so much fun! And the food looked amazing too.... love your party dress.