Saturday, June 19, 2010

baby let's cruise

Get excited people... it's finally time for our cruise photos! I know they are WAY overdue... but here ya go!

We stayed at the Hotel Icon the night before we left. We had spent the night there after the wedding and thought it would be fun to go back on our anniversary. It is a gorgeous hotel and I love getting to stay there. We also had dinner at Pappa's Grill  (formerly C&H). We also had dinner there the night we got engaged (May 24, 2009) so it was special to have dinner there on our wedding anniversary. We've celebrated birthdays there as well so the restaurant holds a special place in our hearts. 

After dinner we went to a comedy show downtown. Kyle's parents gave us the tickets and told us that it was a comedy show all about marriage. We were a bit skeptical when we saw our tickets and discovered that it was a show performed by a nun. I think we both started thinking we were going to end up in a something more similar to our marriage prep classes. We were even more unsure when  our seats turned out to be on the front row of a theater that seats less than 100 people. The show was HILARIOUS and I am so glad we ended up going. We obviously got picked on a bit since we were seated front and center but it was all in good fun.

We took a 5 day cruise out of Galveston on the Carnival Ecstasy. Kyle had been on a cruise once before but this was my first time. We had a fabulous time and we've already started trying to convince our families to go on another one with us!

See ya later, Galveston!

Oh you know... just hanging on the golf course

Before one of the shows on the ship

The boat made two stops, one in Progreso and the other in Cozumel. We got off the ship at each stop but definitely preferred spending time in Cozumel more than Progreso. I'll let the pictures from Progreso paint the picture for you...

Riding the bus to town... so excited!!

Back on the bus heading to the ship.... a whopping 45 minutes later!

The spelling nerd in me had a problem with this banner...

Off the boat in Cozumel... ready to go shopping!

We hit up the shops in Cozumel and had lunch in town. On our way back to the ship we found a little taste of home...

Can you spy the other familiar store in this picture?? We didn't go in but I'm thinking this Tiffany's wasn't exactly like the one I am used to!

Heading to a show...

The cruise was a wonderful way to celebrate our first anniversary! It was completely stress-free and a great time from start to finish!


  1. Looks like y'all had a blast!! I love all of your 'cruising attire'... so cute!

  2. I can't believe its already been a year!! Congrats! Your cruise pictures are so cute!