Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today marks 10 years since Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend. We were fifteen years old and on a school bus heading to a high school football game. He must have been quite smitten with me since I was wearing a less than adorable marching band uniform and he still somehow wanted me to be his girlfriend.

And now here we are, ten years later, spending this day with our new little bundle of sweetness. 

I'm a little more tired on this November 8 than I was on November 8, 2001. I don't mind it though. I am also far more in love than I was ten years ago. More in love with Kyle, in love with our sweet Annabelle and in love with this new chapter of our life.

Happy ten years to my wonderful husband. I imagine the next ten will be even more eventful than the first!


  1. I absolutely love this post. Mostly because your relationship and my relationship so closely resemble one another-- we're february 2002, so not far behind y'all!! It's a huge blessing to know someone so well, to know them through so many stages of their life and amazing to get to be a part of the biggest things they're a part of. Lots of love to y'all and your beautiful new baby!!

  2. why does every post you write make me cry? i love yall.

  3. what a sweet post! hope you're enjoying this time with your little family :)

  4. I love you guys! Happy anniversary (a few days late!) :)