Thursday, May 24, 2012

annabelle rae: month five.

My darling Annabelle Rae,

You are FIVE months old! I feel like I blinked and you are suddenly another month older, cuter and sweeter. I wish you would slow down but since that doesn't seem to be happening, I will just keep enjoying every moment with you.

Your precious mind has been growing so much this month! I feel like I can see you getting smarter each day and discovering new things about the world around you.

Your favorite new discovery this month? Your toes. Oh, sweet baby girl, you love those toesies of yours. You have always loved to suck your thumb and put your fingers in your mouth so this discovery has opened up a whole new world of fun! Diaper changes now involve trying to pry them out of your fingers and taking your picture has gotten a lot more interesting!

We have been getting lots more smiles from you lately, when you can put your toes down, that is. As much as I love your big, big gummy grins, I also love your shy little smile. It's the one you flash when you're starting to feel sleepy or snuggly and it is pure preciousness. You smile when your daddy or I walk into the room and when we come to get you up from your nap. I'm not sure that I could ever get tired of seeing you smile.

You haven't rolled over yet but I know it is right around the corner! We have lots of videos of you almost rolling over so I know it is just a matter of time. I cannot wait for you to do it but I also know that it will come too soon and will be one more stepping stone on the way to becoming a big girl. 

You are on a great schedule this month! You wake up every day between 7 and 7:30, always with a big smile on your face! After you wake up and eat we play until 9:00 then it's time for another nap. From 9-11 you nap before more playtime from 11-1. That middle of the day stretch is when we usually run errands and get out of the house. Then it's back to bed from 1-3, awake from 3-5 and an evening catnap that lasts from half an hour to an hour. You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 depending on how everyone is feeling. You still love bath time and you always go to sleep easily. One of my favorite moments of the day is tucking you in and getting one last sweet smile after I kiss you goodnight. You are an angel. 

Our schedule works perfectly for us most days but we have had our fare share of rough ones this month as well! We think that you might be teething (although nothing is popping through) because you have had several days where all you want to do is cry and snuggle. Those days are rather unproductive. I don't usually get to shower on those days and Daddy ends up having to make dinner. As hard as those days are and as much as we hate to see you sad, we try to soak up those sweet snuggles and enjoy the moments when the only place you will nap is in our arms. 

You love to go outside! You always have fun when we take you and Tucker on walks. You usually fall asleep in your stroller while Tucker burns some energy. You also love sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair. We spend a lot of time there when you're fussy. I love to make a cup of coffee and rock you on the porch, it always makes me think of your MaMa. 

You are always observing what is going on around you. You pay attention to everything and I love to sit and watch your eyes take in everything you are seeing and experiencing. When you aren't in your serious, thoughtful mood, you make some of the silliest faces! Your daddy always makes silly faces so maybe you're gearing up to be like him. Or maybe you are going to be like me and show everything you are thinking right on your face. Only time can tell! For now we love watching you and wondering what is going on in your head!

This has been such a fun month with you, Annabelle! You are still the sweetest little baby and I cannot get enough of you. You are a charmer and are always making friends when we go to church and run errands. Your big blue eyes and chubby cheeks help you wiggle your way into the heart of everyone you meet!

You truly brighten each and every day. You are the best little thing we could have ever dreamed of. Happy five months ladybug!

Four month stats:
Height: no new measurements this month
Weight: no new measurements this month
Head: no new measurements this month
Diapers: size 2
Clothes: you are needing 3-6 month for length but most are still pretty big in the belly, sweet petite girl

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