Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 days of annabelle-day three.

The second half of November was much the same for our little family of four. We continued to enjoy having extra hands with dinners and laundry and all of the things that fall to the side when you bring a new baby home. Annabelle also worked on perfecting her tummy time skills.

Our little pumpkin also turned one month old in November. One month has never flown by so quickly! I feel like I just took her one month photos and I swear she was wearing those precious cupcake pjs yesterday. 

Being born in the fall meant we got to dress our newborn baby girl up in some of the silliest, sweetest, coziest ensembles you've ever seen. These were two of my favorite outfits! Ananbelle's Aunt Jennifer made her sweet little cap on the right. I love her little sleepy smile in the picture on the right, such an angel!

My favorite moments were (and still are) the times we spent at home, snuggled on the couch, getting to know each other. 

Annabelle's first Thanksgiving was a lot of fun! We 'hosted' Thanksgiving at our house since we had no desire to make the drive to Texas with a 4 week old. Thankfully our families were willing to come to us! Our 'hosting' was far from spectacular. Kyle and I were still pretty exhausted so we let our families do most of the leg work with cooking and preparing our Thanksgiving feast. I spent my time dressing Annabelle up in holiday pajamas and pumpkin hats. 

The littlest dinner guest had to put on her fancy attire for the big meal and for Skyping with Uncle Taylor who was in St. Kitts for the holiday. Silly girl must have missed the memo about the call, she slept through the whole thing!

And our official family photo from Thanksgiving 2011. Don't you just want to hand those sleepy parents a big old cup of coffee or force a nap on them? Bless our hearts!

Being a few weeks older also meant Annabelle was finally able to leave the house. Her earliest outings included our first family dinner (at Longhorn Steakhouse) and our very first mommy-daughter date to Target. 

To wrap up the month of November, one of my favorite photos from our first days at home. 

When I was pregnant and imagining what would be the biggest challenges about being a new mom, I was terrified about how little sleep I was going to get. I am a girl who needs a solid 8 hours of sleep to be at my best. I was so unsure how I was going to operate on so little sleep and how I was going to drag myself out of bed for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. I remember waking up in the night to the sound of Annabelle's cries and not even knowing if I had the energy to walk down the hall to her nursery. Those sleepy, quiet late night moments ended up being some of the sweetest times I had with Annabelle. Now that she sleeps through the night I miss those times with her. I am so thankful for pictures like this one that take me back to those moments. Those were the moments when the struggles of the day were erased and all that mattered was rocking my baby. There were times I wanted to cry at the very thought of getting back out of bed but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

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