Wednesday, September 16, 2009

weekend wrap-up... a few days late.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I narrowed down the many, many pictures of our DC trip to my favorite few, so I hope you enjoy!

I flew to DC on Thursday while Kyle was in class (three cheers for me taking my first solo ride on the MARTA). Jenn had asked me to come on Thursday so that we could have a "girl's dinner" and shop for bridal gowns. Little did I know, our girl's dinner was actually a bridesmaids dinner! Shortly after Jenn and I sat down at the restaurant, two of her good friends showed up to join us. I had no idea they were coming and they didn't know that I would be there, so you can imagine the little scene that our girlish squeals caused in the restaurant. We drew even more attention to ourselves when Jennifer presented each of us with a sweet card asking us to be part of her wedding day. It was such a fun dinner and a fabulous surprise.

The bride and her girls

We spent Friday preparing for a going away party for one of my fellow bridesmaids and stopped by another bridal shop. No purchases have been made, but we think that we may have found the perfect dress for Jennifer to wear when she marries Jason!

With the guest of honor at her going away party

Sisters at the party

Sisters + the fellas
(we're trying to come up with a clever name for the four of us.... well, I'm trying to)

The boys bonded over football on Saturday while Jenn and I went to see 500 Days of Summer. I had heard great things about the movie and it did not disappoint! I highly recommend it!

The weather was great on Sunday so we did a little sightseeing after church and brunch. Jenn *brilliant* idea that we take a duck tour. It was such a fun way to see the city. We got to see so much and had a very entertaining driver/caption. Here are some pictures from that adventure...

Jason + Jenn on the duck

The back of the Lincoln Memorial
(aka-where Jenn and Jason got engaged)

Cruising on the Potomac

After the duck tour, Jason took us to see the FDR Memorial. I had never seen this memorial before and I loved it. It was so unique and tells the story of FDR's twelve year presidency. There are quotes from FDR throughout and some really amazing sculptures. I took tons of pictures there, but here are just a few of my favorites.

While walking back to the car we had an awesome view of the Washington Monument. I'm no professional photographer, but I love this next picture.

Hero really didn't want us to leave

We had a great time and are looking forward to going back in a few weeks for Jenn and Jason's engagement party.

That's all for tonight, dear readers. Glee is about to start so I will be enjoying every minute of the upcoming episode. Hope you all enjoy your evenings!


  1. LOVE where they got engaged!!! I also LOVED FDRs memorial! Isn't it so cool? :)

    Oh, and the pic of you 4- can't think of a name either- but Kyle looks soooo tall!!! lol

  2. What a beautiful vaca!
    Congrats again to Jenn on her engagement! So exciting!!!
    I remember DC when I went years ago, and it is def a trip I would love to take again!