Sunday, April 17, 2011

the birthday girl.

If you have ever talked to me for more than ten minutes, you have likely heard me mention my sister. 

It just so happens that today is this wonderful girl's birthday! 

As much as I wish I could be, I'm not spending this birthday with her. But mark my words, I'll be packing up little Baby Krueger next April and making the trip to DC to celebrate my favorite girl! 

So happy, happy, happy birthday to the greatest sister I could ever ask for. The most beautiful, honest, caring, supportive, loving sister who has always been on my side. 

Happy birthday to my favorite shopping buddy, sleepover pal, and all-around best girlfriend.

I could not imagine a more wonderful sister. My life is truly blessed to have this wonderful girl in it. There are few people who can brighten my day as quickly as she can and I think God every day for the gift of a sister as wonderful as her. 

Happy birthday, Jenni-lou!

ps-have you ever seen a more beautiful bride?!

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  1. Super sweet!! I love when you post y'alls wedding photos. So lovely!