Tuesday, May 31, 2011

question for the mommas.

One of the items on my seemingly never-ending to-do list is creating our baby registry. I have been researching strollers and carseats since the second we found out about baby. I have read lots of online reviews and if you have written a blog post that has anything to do with 'baby must-haves,' I have likely read that as well. 

Even with all of that knowledge I have a few questions for all of you mommas. I want to be sure we register for the right things at the right places. 

I think we have come to a decision regarding our big items (stroller, carseat) but it's all those other little things (and oh my word there are lots!) that I could use a little guidance on. 

So here are my questions. I would love to hear your feedback and opinions in the comments section. 
  • What item did you register for that you absolutely did not need and wish you would have left off?
  • Similarly, what did you not register for that you ran out to buy as soon as baby came or you wish you would have registered for?
  • Was there something you wish you would have registered for more of? (bottles, pacifiers and the like)
  • Do any of you have experience with registering at Baby's 1st (in Houston) or Amazon? We will likely register at Babies 'R Us and I am trying to decide about one more place (sadly, Buy Buy Baby is off the list since there is no location in Houston)
  • And lastly, what was your number 1 favorite thing you received or purchased for your little one...something that you just don't think you could have lived without?
I really appreciate any and all opinions you have to offer! I quickly go from feeling like a very educated pregnant gal to totally clueless over knowing how many bottles I need for my little lady. 

I'm not sure if Kyle knows it yet or not but we will be starting this registry soon and I want to be as educated as possible. Thanks for the information, friends!


  1. i know i am not a momma...but as a dedicated aunt...and i also nannied for newborn twins for 3 months last summer...have you heard of the itzbeen? i love it! buuut...if you prefer using an app on your iphone to keep track of breastfeeding/bottlefeeding, sleep schedule, and pee/poop schedule, then you probably don't need it. i personally prefer it to the iphone app that the parents of the twins used. also, i am a big fan of the bjorn babysitter bouncy seat. i prefer it to all of the thousands of seat and swing gadgets i have used for the twins and my nephew. and the thing i have noticed with bottles is that with my sister, the twins' parents, and several other families of newborns i have worked for is that they tried several after the baby came before deciding on what they preferred and what worked for them and baby. depending on if baby has reflux, nipple confusion etc. or just depending on what works best for pumping vs. formula. so you might try a couple. also, when Annabelle starts solids...my favorite little on the go, useful item is the boon spoon. comes in so handy for feeding solids while out and about. is it weird that i love researching this stuff and have no child or impending child? maybe a little...

  2. Okay, I feel like I could write you a novel on this-- instead I am just going to list the things we loved item by item. feel free to email me ANY time about ANYTHING. I will tell you anything you want to know. Dr. Brown's Bottles, Soothie Pacifiers, Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets & Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving Blankets, 3 Martha's Burp Cloths & bibs are THE BEST-- they are cute and super absorbent, Peg Perego Carseat, Sophie the Giraffe, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Medela Breastfeeding supplies/pumps/etc., Pampers diapers and wipes, Mylicon gas drops (have these on hand from day 1), Boppy with several covers, Baby Bjorn Spirit Carrier, Car Seat Saver & Window Covers, Cupholder for your stroller, and Little Giraffe Hooded Towels! :) Whew... just to name a few.

    Our number 1 favorite thing was a REALLY wonderful glider. You will spend SO MUCH time rocking, nursing, and loving on your baby in that chair. Kevin said it was worth EVERY penny to have a comfortable, really nice chair. You'll rock her for many years past the baby stage and Lord willing, more kids to come. Splurge on a great glider and you will not regret it.

  3. i found your blog from allisons post on the scarf swap :)

    I have 2 little girls (3 year old Masyn & 4 month old Amykate)
    I love our pack n play (chicco) because we travel around alot and I also keep it in our room instead of a bassinet.

    I breast feed so a few nursing covers for when you're out in public, medela pump, lanolin will be your best friend in the beginning if you nurse... we use nuk bottles and haven't had any nipple confusion

    we use a space saver high chair and its easy to pack up and take with us if needed & so easy to clean. Also, a boon squirt spoon. I could write an entire blog post about this spoon!! total lifesaver when on the go. so much less mess & instead of putting the spoon back in the baby food jar and then the food gets yucky if baby doesnt finish and you have to toss it....... this spoon allows you to just wipe off and put a lid on it- the saliva never touches the food so it doesnt break down like if you feed from the jar. to heat up the food after its been in the fridge just put it colored side down in a cup of hot water.

    mighty tight for the car seat- a stroller- i used a travel system with masyn, but with ak we bought the combi double stroller so I put a snuzzler in it for head support since she wasnt in her carrier.

    we skipped the swaddler blankets that you actually have to swaddle them up and used the ones by summer that have velcro. after a few months we started using sleep sacks.

    couldnt live without a boppy and a few covers, a bouncy chair, and a bumbo chair. never ever used the bumbo with Masyn and I use it ALL the time with AK.

    exorgen thermometer. love it. hooded towels.