Thursday, May 19, 2011

week 17.

Fact: I am horrible about doing these updates. Honestly, it is mostly because I hate having Kyle try to take a 'bump' pic of me. The lighting in our apartment is bad, turns out I'm not a fan of my profile and right now, our apartment is practically overflowing with boxes. 

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 17 weeks today
Size of baby: Baby is the size of an onion and is FIVE inches long. That blows my mind!
Maternity Clothes: Mostly just my maternity jeans. I have worn a few Old Navy Maternity pieces around the house because they are so comfy. Other than that, I can still wear most of my normal shirts and some dresses. 
Gender: Still unknown but we find out on Tuesday! We cannot wait to share the news!
Movement: Still none but hopefully in the next few weeks. Most people say that first time moms start to feel the baby around 20 weeks so we aren't too far off!
Sleep: So much better! I attribute this 100% to this little gem that was delivered to my apartment on Tuesday: The Snoogle. My cousin recommended it to me and Kyle surprised me by ordering one. I wake up feeling so much more well rested and am in love with my pillow. Gold star to the daddy-to-be!
What I miss: Not much lately. I had been missing lunchmeat but I have actually let myself have it the last few days. I will eat it for the first two or so days after I bring it home from the deli and so far haven't had any problems. 
Cravings: Sushi, Chick-fil-A, fajitas, Chili's and Whataburger are the big ones (all very healthy, I know). In other words, I crave eating out. I also saw a picture of a cookie cake recently and am considering making a stop by the mall food court just to pick one up. 
Symptoms: I am feeling really great lately! My energy is much better and the stomach aches are few and far between. I would say my biggest symptom right now is my ability to cry at the drop of a hat. I have always been a pretty emotional gal but these hormones are kicking that into high gear. This week I have sobbed while watching Oprah, Modern Family and Glee, just to name a few moments. 
Best Moment this week: I've made good progress with packing up the apartment which makes me feel great! We've also scheduled the movers and picked out a few paint samples for the house. I love checking things off our list as we get closer to the big move. Also, the arrival of my Snoogle pillow was a pretty big highlight!

And here is a (not so good) picture of the bump. Please excuse the mess of robes on the door behind me. Also, the shirt I was wearing made it hard to get an accurate picture. I'll try to do better next Thursday. 


  1. You look so great! I am glad you are feeling well! : )

  2. Soooo excited for you;) I've missed u in our twitter world had to stop a bit too addicting:(( so glad I found ur blog!!!!