Thursday, October 8, 2009

better late than never.

Apparently I am about a week behind on the A-B-C trend. I missed out on doing it because of our trip to DC, so I'm playing along now.

A- Atlanta, Georgia is my new home while Kyle is in grad school. I miss something about Texas every single day, but love our new town. It is such a great experience for Kyle and I to be somewhere completely new at the beginning of our marriage.

B- When Kyle and I got married, I gained two brothers. I will be getting another one on August 21. (btw, they're all pretty awesome)

C- October marks the start of my favorite time of year, but my absolute favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the music and the cooler weather. I love how cheerful people can be and thinking of perfect gifts for loved ones. My mom decorates every inch of our home beautifully and it makes me so happy to come home to. It is probably my favorite thing about the holidays.

D- Kyle and I are going to see the 3D Toy Story double feature. I am probably more excited than a 23 year old should be.             

E- On November 8, Kyle and I will have our EIGHTH anniversary. He asked me to be his girlfriend while we were riding the bus to perform at a high school football game.

F- Kyle and I took a walk to the park this afternoon and played frisbee. I'm not very good... yet. Crossing my fingers for more afternoons just like this one.

G- Kyle and I are both blessed to have wonderful, amazing grandparents.

H- Holick Lane is the street that I lived on senior year. I lived in the cutest little house with three wonderful girls. As much as I love our apartment here, I miss my sweet little room and our front porch.

I- Blue Bell ice cream is one of my weaknesses. I was thrilled to discover that Texas treat in my Atlanta grocery stores.

J- If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life, it would be J. Crew. I love everything in that store and everything in it.

K- Kyle Krueger is my new husband. He's the fella that brought me to Atlanta and the guy I will be spending the rest of my life with.

L- There are some 'wifely' things that I really enjoy... cooking, baking, making our little apartment feel like a home, but I *hate* doing laundry. (speaking of which, I should probably get those sheets out of the washing machine)

M- Meet Me in St. Louis is my all-time favorite musical. 

N- If J. Crew disappeared, at least I would still have Nordstrom.

O- October 31st was the date of my first date with Kyle. We were 15 at the time and he came over to my house to watch The Princess Bride. We've both watched it every Halloween since then, but haven't been able to watch it together since his senior year. So if you need us this Halloween, we'll be on the couch watching our movie.

P- My parents are down-right fantastic. I love them both so very much and am so thankful to call them mine.

Q- It cracked me up that so many people had trouble coming up with something for Q. It took me about half a second to think of something: queso. I could eat queso every single day and still want more. Serve some fajitas along with it and you have a very happy Stephanie.

R- Rusty is our family dog. Miss that lazy, friendly pup.

S- I have one sister and don't know what I would do without her. She is my best gal pal and one of my biggest role models. She taught me so much about everything from faith to fashion to being a good friend. We always joke that we could never have another sister because we just wouldn't be able to like her as much as we like each other.

T- In May I graduated from Texas A&M University. I loved everything about going to A&M... the school, my major, Theta and AFC, St. Mary's, Downtown Bryan, the list goes on...

U- J. Crew makes super cute umbrellas

V- I have played the piano since I was five and played the flute in high school, but I have secretly always wanted to learn how to play the violin.

W- My sister and I can sing the entire Wicked soundtrack like nobody's business. 

X- For my dad, all I can think of is C6X.

Y- Right now my Autumn Wreath Yankee Candle is making our apartment smell amazing.

Z- I would love to have Rachel Zoe's job.

I'm off to watch Jim and Pam get married on The Office. I am oh-so-excited! Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. This was awesome! I love learning about fellow bloggers! Hope you have an amazing weekend!