Thursday, October 1, 2009

thursday thoughts.

Since I should be doing a number of things right now (none of which include blogging and watching Platinum Weddings), get ready for some bullet points.

  • Operation make friends in Atlanta starts tonight. I am going to a Junior League meet & greet and am both excited and really stinking nervous. I am having flashbacks to recruitment 2005...
  • I have a nail in one of my tires and 3 tire shops claim that it is completely un-fixable. Because of that, we get to replace a tire that is only 6 months old. Not cool!
  • We are going to DC tomorrow for Jenn and Jason's engagement party. We also get to meet Jason's family, go to a fall festival and see Jersey Boys! 
  • I get to see my sister in her wedding dress this weekend!!
  • I just ordered my oh-so-beautiful bridesmaid's dress and cannot wait for it to be here! Now for shoes and accessories...
  • I just started reading the newest Sophie Kinsella book. It is about a girl who sees a ghost... definitely different than the Shopaholic series.
  • My new favorite OPI nail color is Got The Blues For Red. You should definitely pick up a bottle.
  • I miss my friends back in Texas. I am crossing my fingers for some reunions over Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • One of the highlights of my day yesterday was buying a congratulations card for one of Kyle's cousins who is pregnant with her first baby :)
That's all for now my friends. I'm off to pack for tomorrow's trip. Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Your tire story could be worse... we bought my car july 4 08, and bought our house august 1 2008. Sometime in August while driving through and dreaming about what life would be like once our house was completed, I got a nail in my sidewall... so a brand new tire was needed to replace a month old one. Yeah- annoying! lol

  2. oh my gosh you will LOVE jersey boys! it is my favorite favorite musical, i am so jealous you are seeing it this weekend! miss you prooms! come back to texas soon and i vote yes to some sort of reunion!

  3. i LOOOVE the new layout! too cute!