Monday, November 23, 2009

yep, i'm still here!

It seems as though I have turned into the world's worst blogger. I am going to do my best to not get so behind again!

We have had a busy few weeks here. I have been working a lot and last week we had Kyle's folks here to visit. Enjoy the photo recap of what we have been up to lately...

One of our favorite new date night locations is a comedy club down the street. A few weeks ago Aisha Tyler was in town so we were able to not only enjoy her show but meet her.

On November 8 we celebrate 8 years of being Kyle and Stephanie. We had a great dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant in Midtown.

Kim and I on our way to brunch. We wanted a picture with some pretty fall leaves!

While Kyle's parents were here, we went to Amicalola Falls at the state park.

The newlyweds at the falls.

The Rockets played the Hawks here last week so we headed to the game to support our hometown. We didn't end up winning, but it was a great game and I got to wear the jersey of my favorite Rockets player, Hakeem the dream! Yes, I coordinated my purse, headband and shoes with the team colors. Is anyone surprised??

In other news, I am still loving my job. I am starting to take lots of bridal appointments and on Saturday I SOLD MY FIRST DRESS!! I know it doesn't sound like a very big deal, but it was worth celebrating in my book! Brides usually need several appointments before they are ready to commit to a gown, but this bride bought a dress in our very first appointment. She was so sweet and is actually having a vow renewal with her husband. They eloped in February after putting off their wedding because of health problems. They are planning their dream wedding in the mountains and I helped her find the perfect dress. Kyle and I celebrated the grand occasion with dinner at Pappasito's!

We are packed and ready to head to Texas for Thanksgiving. We'll be leaving for the airport in less than an hour and I am more than ready! I'm not sure how much updating I'll do during the week, but I'll certainly be back soon with pictures from our week at home!

I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving holidays, filled with good food, wonderful friends and family, and lots of thanks for the blessings in your life. Cannot wait to hear about how all of you will be celebrating!

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  1. You always look so cute and very well put together! Congrats on your first big sale. Have a great Thanksgiving.