Sunday, October 9, 2011

37 weeks (3 days late).

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 37 weeks (on Thursday) Full term!!
Size of baby: According to, Annabelle is the size of a watermelon. Try to wrap your head around that one, I simply cannot. They say she is between 18.9 and 19.2 inches long and anywhere between 6.2 and 9.2 pounds. That weight estimate made me laugh out loud! There is a big difference between 6.2 and 9.2 pounds! I have a feeling this little nugget is closer to the 9.2 mark.
Maternity Clothes: That's a big ol' y-e-s. If I am spending the day at home, I usually just wear comfy pants and one of Kyle's tshirts. Now that it is getting cooler outside, I have a few non-maternity dresses that I can wear with tights. For the most part though, I have a handful of items that still fit me and I am sick of them all.
Gender: It's a girl! Annabelle Rae Krueger
Movement: Yes, lots! We had a little scare a few weeks ago when the princess decided to have a very lazy morning. It scared us half to death and Kyle ended up taking me to the doctor to get checked out. They hooked me up to some monitors and about 15 minutes later she was having herself a little dance party. She has been making her presence very known since then. I am trying to enjoy every little kick and bump because I know they are almost over and I think I am really going to miss them.
Sleep: I am actually sleeping pretty well which I am incredibly thankful! A few weeks back my sleep wasn't that great, I was waking up a lot and had a horrible time getting comfortable. Kyle upgraded me to a better pregnancy pillow and it has truly made all the difference. I wake up one or two times a night to use the restroom but that's about it. 
What I miss: Just the usual end of pregnancy complaints. I miss sitting on the couch comfortably and I really miss being able to run more than two errands without feeling completely exhausted. 
Cravings: Last week I needed some Domino's thin crust pizza in a bad way. We ate lots of this when I was first pregnant so I guess I decided to bring it back at the end of this whole adventure.
Symptoms: Some might say that I am a bit more emotional than usual. I also get pretty sore if I do to much in any given day. I had a few days last week where I ran lots of errands or cleaned the house really well and my body was not happy with me the next day. I've been trying to take it easy since then and give myself plenty of time to rest.
Best Moment this week: We had an ultrasound about a week and a half ago. We couldn't get any great pictures of Annabelle because she is running out of room, but it was really great to see her again! Judging from what we could tell, she has Kyle's lips and the cutest round belly you've ever seen! We also spent a lot of time wrapping up her nursery last week. I am so happy with how it has turned out and will take some pictures soon. It is simple, girly and oh so sweet.

Not the greatest picture since I took it in our bathroom with my iphone, but here I am in all my full term glory!

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  1. youre the cutest ever! she is going to be in your arms SO soon!