Saturday, October 22, 2011

birthday pup.

As we sit at home waiting for Annabelle's birthday, another very special someone had a birthday that needed celebrating!

Our sweet four-legged, one-eyed Tucker turned 2 today. We celebrated with a trip to the dog park. Tucker wore himself out with running and chasing the other dogs.

We had to wait until Tucker decided to take a rest so we could get some pictures with the birthday boy.

It was about 40 degrees when we left for the park so I had a bit of a hard time finding anything that would fit my giant belly and keep me warm. I'm surprised the buttons are still on this cardigan after squeezing myself into it!

He has spent the rest of his birthday napping and playing with his new birthday toy. Not a bad day for our guy!

This time last year Tucker was turning a year old and was about a month away from having emergency eye surgery. I remember being so scared that he would never be the same after having his eye removed and that our sweet, energetic puppy would be gone forever. It made me so happy to see him running around the park today, still as crazy and happy as ever.  Two surgeries haven't slowed him down at all!

Happy birthday to Tucker! 

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