Sunday, October 23, 2011

the final countdown.

Kyle and I have had several 'last' date nights over the last month. Obviously not all of them were the real last date before baby, but I felt like we needed to squeeze in a few extra fun nights before our little girl arrives. 

I also felt the need to snap pictures before each one, just in case it would turn out to be the last one. Kyle was very sweet to indulge me, not only in such fun dates, but in our self-timer photo shoots. 

A few Fridays ago we decided that we were bored and wanted to get out of the house. We wanted to do something more than just dinner so we hit up the local bowling alley before getting something to eat. We had a great time and it was fun to add something that we don't usually do to the date night routine.

Two weeks ago I got it in my head that we needed another last date. I mentioned several times during the week that I wanted to go on a real date. Bless sweet Kyle for putting up with me when I say ridiculous things like that. I mentioned to him that I missed the days when he had to ask me out on a date in advance and when dates were more 'official' than just getting in the car and going out to the usual restaurant. Seriously, the guy deserves a medal for putting up with me. I don't even know what I mean when I request such absurd things as real, official dates, I'm not sure how I expect him to decipher my codes.

Apparently he was paying attention because on this particular Saturday he went to the grocery store for me (which was already pretty stinking romantic to a 38 week pregnant girl) and came home with a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers. He also informed me that he had made dinner reservations at a restaurant that neither of us had ever been to before. After a minor 'what am I going to wear?!' meltdown, I was very excited about our fun night out!

(poor pregnant girl, it looks like I have dislocated my hip and am about to fall over. At least my husband is handsome and my fall wreath is pretty)

Dinner was so much fun! It was a small, local restaurant. The head chef/owner came out to meet us and congratulated us on our baby girl. They even had balloons waiting for us at the table, such a sweet, thoughtful touch! There was live jazz music and the most delicious food. We had such a great time. It was a really special night out.

And with our due date right around the corner, we decided to have one more last date this weekend. This one was pretty low key, but a great time nonetheless. We ate at one of our favorite restaurants and Kyle treated me to a Dairy Queen blizzard for dessert. The pregnant gal in this picture looks a little more exhausted than on the previous two last dates, but we had to snap a picture anyways. 

I am so glad we squeezed in all of these fun nights right at the end of our pregnancy. It has been so nice to get out of the house and spend some quality time together, away from baby to-do lists and the television. I think it is so important for all couples to real time together and I think that becomes even more important when little ones enter into the picture. I am thankful we took the time to do this now and set aside some time for one another before our little bundle of sweetness arrives. 

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  1. i love you and kyle so much. i am so grateful that our husbands have remained friends and that because of them you are in my life! i cant wait for that first picture of annabelle to pop up on my phone and i can't wait to huge all three of you in december.