Thursday, September 2, 2010


I know the twitter world has been all a-buzz because today is 90210 day... you know, as in that famous zip code. To me though, the day is special because....

it's my birthday!!

I love birthdays. I think they are wonderfully fun days and when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I get as excited as a four year old. I love that everyone is a little sweeter and even boring days seem just a little more special because there is something to celebrate. In my opinion, birthdays are pure fun!

I have had such a great birthday, despite the fact that I had to wake up early and go to work. Here's a little run-down and some pictures from the day. A certain sister of mine is very insistent that I share birthday pictures asap and I'd pretty much do anything for that girl so here we go...

My day started out with a yummy omelet from Kyle. It was much more delicious than the smoothie I typically drink on my way to work!

One of my favorite people at work decorated the door to our classroom... I took a picture but would rather not tell the whole world what school I work at. Just picture pink streamers and birthday banners... so sweet!

My little ones at school also sang me a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday. Most of the words weren't right but hearing those 12 little munchkins singing for me was a highlight of the day. After my song, they all paraded over to me so I could have some special birthday hugs. It melted my heart!

My usual lunch was replaced by a birthday date with Kyle. We dined at Chili's followed by a Starbucks drink for me. After lunch Kyle stopped by the school to meet a few of my co-workers and of course meet the little ones that I spend my days with. They were all just waking up from their nap when Kyle got there so he didn't get a true impression of how crazy our classroom can be!!

The second half of the day was exhausting but I survived and came home to a beautiful display on my kitchen table!

{roses from Jenn and purples pretties from the hubs!}

I even got some lovely presents....
{I know I don't look my birthday best. That's what happens after a day with a million 2 year olds. I just love my sister enough to share these pictures in spite of that!}

A gorgeous J. Crew necklace and bracelet from Jenn! (I have no idea what I am doing with my right hand...)

Presents!! And yes, Tucker got me a birthday card... it was hilarious!

Kyle made a delicious dinner and then we spent some time playing with one of my presents.... This game is so fun! We haven't played through all of the songs but so far we are loving it! I see a lot of dance parties in our future!

It was a fantastic day and the fun is just beginning! My mom and dad will be here tomorrow and are staying through Sunday. We have some things on the agenda and I can't wait to tell all of you about the rest of the weekend. 

Thanks so much to all of my friends and loved ones for the sweet birthday wishes and thoughtful words and cards. I love you all so much and am incredibly blessed to have all of you in my life. 

I'm off to enjoy some of my beautiful birthday cake and watch this week's Project Runway. Happy birthday to me!

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