Thursday, September 23, 2010

what i'll be doing this fall.

Over the last few weeks some of my favorite fall shows have slowly started their new seasons. This week marks the start of most fall seasons and I could not be more excited. Here are a few of the things Kyle and I will be watching this fall!

Mad Men
I started watching this show thanks to a recommendation from my sister. To be very honest, one of the things I look forward to most about this show is seeing what the characters will be wearing this week. I also enjoy seeing this time period and the crazy drama in the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price office. Never a dull moment!
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Anytime I tell someone I like this show they are surprised. Nothing about it seems ‘my style’ and yet you can find Kyle and I cracking up every Thursday night to see the ridiculous schemes of ‘the gang’. Not sure what else to say about this one except you will surely like it or hate it and I happen to like it. A lot.
How I Met Your Mother
There are two characters on tv that remind me of my husband. The first is Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. Obviously they aren’t exactly the same, but I have found myself smiling on more than one occasion at how similar Marshall’s sense of humor is to Kyle’s or how I could see Kyle and I having a discussion exactly like the one Marshall and Lily are having. I also can’t get enough of Neil Patrick Harris and love him as Barney.
The Office + Community + 30 Rock
We LOVE Thursday night tv on NBC. Kyle and I have been avid Office lovers since the summer we sat at his parents house and watched every.single.episode. (pretty sure that is the summer the rest of the Krueger family was forced to love it too!) And if you’re wondering, character #2 that reminds me of my husband is sweet Jim. My sister has even pointed out to me how similar some of their mannerisms are. I am hoping this season is great since it is Steve Carrell’s last season with the show (
Last year we gave Community a chance and have enjoyed it too. Kyle convinced me to start watching 30 Rock and it is now one of my faves.

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Parks and Rec
We are very sad to see Parks and Rec leave NBC’s Thursday night line up. It also makes me nervous because a move like that often means bad things for the future of a series. Nevertheless, we LOVE this show! My favorites things about Parks and Rec are Ron Swanson and Aziz Ansari. I think it takes watching a few episodes to really appreciate this show but I highly suggest giving it a chance.
Modern Family
Oh my sweet goodness I love everything about this show. I love little Manny and his very adult attitude. I love Cam and am pretty sure he and I would be fast friends. I adore how awkward Phil is and cannot help but tense up every time he embarrasses his kids. Of every show on my list, this is the one I most recommend watching if you aren’t already. I think it has a little something for almost everyone and it is completely hysterical.
Kyle probably wishes I didn’t love Glee as very much as I do. Most people seem to have pretty strong opinions on Glee-love it or hate it-and I completely, 100% love it. I love the ridiculous high school stereotypes that everyone can remember from high school. I love the singing and dancing . I love seeing what ridiculously preppy and adorable outfit Emma is going to wear each week. It is a highlight of my tv week for sure. 
A few other faves that began filling up my DVR a few weeks ago are The Rachel Zoe Project (I love Brad), Project Runway and Flipping Out.

I know, I’m a tv junky (I also know that no one really cared to read all of this). I promise I find time to do things in addition to sitting on the couch vegging out with my favorite shows. I do love that most of the shows on this list manage to pull Kyle and me away from school, laundry, dishes and playing on the internet long enough to enjoy some laughs together on the couch.

What shows are you most looking forward to this fall? Have any favorites that need to be added to my always growing list?


  1. i LOVE tv. looooooooooove. its bad. it is not conducive tom being a good graduate student. but i just loooove it!

  2. I read the whole post, and loved it!!
    I actually enjoy reading when people post about TV they watch: especially since people who love a show tend to do it more justice than the commercials do it.
    And don't worry, when I did my post, I realized I watch more TV than I want to admit: Truthfully, I believe we all do.

  3. i love tv too! you should watch the big bang theory if you haven't already. hilarious show! it's one of my favorites :)