Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tucker buddy.

See this sweet face?

Our little Tucker is just about the sweetest puppy I've ever known. He is smart as a whip and has oodles of tricks... sit, stay, down, shake and is a rockstar at playing fetch. Sometimes though my little scholar uses his smarts in ways that just don't make his momma smile. Like the time he tried to help me make our kitchen bigger....

This picture does not come close to showing you the damage he really did. He's lucky he is so cute.
Or the time he decided that his mommy was spending too much time on her laptop. He quickly solved that problem by chewing right through my charger. Twice. (note to all... laptop chargers do not just cost $20 like I assumed)

And see this sleeping angel curled up in that comfy bed??

I miss when he was that tiny

Fast forward a few months from when that picture was taken and we discovered that Tucker was smart enough to unzip his bed using nothing but his teeth. The result of this 'trick' was a puppy ending up with a tummy full of styrofoam and two very angry owners. (although it was hard to stay angry when he got so sick from EATING HIS BED!)

Tucker's sweet giraffe had a fate quite similar to that of his bed.
We've lasted almost as long as we can without replacing Tucker's bed. He has a comfy pillow in his kennel where he sleeps at night but he really needs a fluffy bed for lounging on while he watches tv  to keep him from jumping on my couch. He is a social little guy and would rather be out near us than curled up in his kennel while we watch tv or eat dinner.

Do any of you who have big doggies (or destructive little ones) have a bed that you recommend? Doggie beds can be expensive and I don't want to spend $50+ on another one unless we think it will last. I would also like for it to not be a total eye sore in our living room. Tucker would prefer that as well, he has impeccable taste. (I told him he might even be able to have one monogrammed and he went crazy!)

I had thought about sewing him one myself but let's be honest, he would tear that thing to bits in no time thus leaving Kyle to not only tend to a puppy in trouble but a wife who would probably be in tears. That doesn't seem like a good situation for anyone.

In my little furry friend's defense, he is really a very well behaved dog. Those three incidents are the worst there has been during his almost one year of life. And if we're being really honest, all of those incidents were much more human error than puppy error. And to be painfully honest... two of the three were mostly my fault. Three if we count each charger he ate.


  1. What a cute little guy! Our big baby just chewed the carpet a few weeks ago and we ended up having to spend $200 to get it fixed. Not happy parents. Try going to Homegoods. They have great doggy beds for not alot and the fabric is pretty durable. Let us know what you end up getting!

  2. We don't have a doggy bed for Lola, she sleeps on the ottoman when we're in the living room and on her chair when we're in our bedroom. But if we were to get one, I have always likes the look of LL Bean ones, plus you can get them monogrammed! http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/1170?page=dog-beds-blankets&nav=hs1-dp

    Happy shopping!

  3. I agree with Bloodhounds and Babies :) LL Bean beds are awesome! We had a different Petsmart one before we finally caved and bought the LL Bean bed. Brinkley loves it and hasn't even tried to eat it! He definitely destroyed the first one. They are classic and wouldn't be an eye sore at all!

  4. I think Tucker is a doll-face, no matter what he gets into ;)

    We do buy dog beds for Jethro, one in the living room, one in the bedroom. We used to buy at Sam's Club (I know, but sometimes you'd strike gold!), but lately we just buy at Petsmart and wait for it to wear out. Jethro's go-to when he's throwing a fit is to chew a hole in the bed, so we don't bother to buy real expensive. My recommendation if/when you buy one is to find one that has a flap that covers the zipper. That seems to be every dog's starting point for total bed destruction.