Monday, June 29, 2009

Countdown to Texas

Kyle and I are SO excited about our upcoming trip home to Texas. We have been talking about it daily for quite a while now and cannot wait for Wednesday to be here. I've been doing laundry to get ready and making a mental list of the things I need to pack (I wanted to start packing days ago out of sheer excitement but don't want my husband to think I am too crazy). In case you are wondering where all of this excitement is coming from, here are a few of the things I am looking forward to...
  • shopping with my momma (and hopefully pops!)
  • spending time at the lake
  • relaxing in the sun while floating on my amazing float (Kyle gave me a fabulous one for Christmas a few years ago)
  • dinner at Escalante's-Mom, consider this my official request :)
  • getting to see our families (minus Jenn but I will see her soon!)

In other news, things here in Midtown Atlanta got a little exciting today. Kyle called me while he was heading to a research meeting and told me to "walk over to campus if I wanted to see something crazy going on". Seeing as I am a girl who regularly reads People Magazine and checks the website almost daily, I immediately imagined that a movie is being shot in our area and Kyle has just had a celebrity sighting (because all celebrities come to Atlanta and hang out at Georgia Tech). Unfortunately this was not the case. A section of a parking deck had collapsed and the streets were filled with police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. The parking deck is used by several buildings in the area, one of which is the building where Kyle's office is located. Kyle's advisor had actually parked there today and although his car was not in the section that collapsed, he has no idea when they will let him have access to it. Luckily Kyle rides his bike to campus so our cars, as well as the two of us, are safe and sound! 

I had planned on sharing a picture of the newlyweds celebrating our first month of marriage but my camera won't upload correctly. Instead, enjoy this picture of my recent trip to visit my beautiful big sis in Virginia. I cannot wait to visit her again in a few weeks! 

Enjoy your Monday nights! We're having some delicious enchilada casserole and at least one of us will be watching The Bachelorette :)


ps-does anyone know how to upload my pictures so that readers can click on them within my post and view them larger? Kyle doesn't have much to say about my new adventures in blogging but he did make that one request haha


  1. I am glad you have a blog! Now it's easier to follow your life :)

  2. Um, when you upload pictures, you should be able to designate what size you want them to be. call me if you have questions. (my vagueness is partly so that you will HAVE to call me)

    also, you are a fantabulous blogger - i am enjoying it so much!!! love you roomie!

  3. I love my roomies :) Come to Atlanta and stay with me please!

    Andrea-I know how to change the size within my post, but I want to know if I can set it up so that when you click on the picture it will open larger in a different window.