Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello from Georgia

Since I am officially a married lady far from my beloved Texas, I thought
 this would be a fun way to keep friends and family updated on s
tories and pictures from our life in Atlanta. I am far from a computer genius so I am still figuring out how to make my little blog be easy on the eyes. Wish me luck with that!

Life in ATL is fabulous so far! Our apartment is coming together great and I am starting to get used to the idea that this is my new home. I've been taking pictures of the apartment as each little area starts to get pulled together so I'll get those up here soon!

I'm pretty confident that the only people who will be seeing this first post will be my parents and sister, but hello to anyone else who stumbled upon the newest way I will be keeping myself occupied during my days here :) I'm off to focus on the results episode of So You Think You Can Dance...

Have a lovely Thursday evening!
Out to dinner with our parents in Atlanta

ps-feel free to leave a comment and let me know you're reading!


  1. Hey Stephanie! Love your blog...I have one too...but don't add to it as often as I would like! I added you to mine...if you don't mind! :) Glad you are getting adjusted to ATL life!

  2. Stephanie-I love the blog, tho I do still look forward to those phone call updates! Can't wait to see you next week. Love,

  3. Welcome to blogging Stephanie!! I was excited to find your blog through Ivy's. Glad to see another HS friend on here :)