Monday, January 10, 2011

and the clothes came tumbling after.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more organized, specifically when it comes to my closet. I would love for it to be organized by color and to have all of my things lined up beautifully.

Someone decided I needed to tackle that resolution sooner rather than later because at five o'clock in the morning this happened...

That would be the closet rod that holds held all of my dresses and coats. The shelf on top held all of my purses and some shoes. 

I feel like we should play I Spy here... can you find my sweet potato pea coat from J. Crew? How about the dress I wore to one of my bridal showers? My tupperware of scarves? Anthropologie tote bag?? MY PATIENCE??

It was quite a rude (and terrifying!!) awakening. 

I think we can look at this situation from two perspectives:

1) I have too many clothes (wrong!!)
2) I need a bigger closet with stronger clothing rods (I'm thinking more of a clothing suite than closet, right Kyle??)

Can you guess which point of view is mine and which is Kyle's??

We haven't fixed it yet. Our apartment is in a bit of a messy state since we're still unpacking and putting away all of our Christmas goodies. We'll be calling maintenance asap and hoping they can get me back in business. 

Right after it happened I asked Kyle if he was mad at me. He said not yet, but to ask him again in the morning when he would have to try to fix it ha! At least he's honest!

disclaimer: I know my closet seems quite full. But I promise I wear my clothes and take care of them. Or, I did take care of them until my closet decided to fail me and try to prove some sort of point. 

Hopefully I'll be back soon with a nicely organized closet. Until then, I'll be crossing my fingers that none of my nice dresses were injured in the great closet catastrophe of 2011!


  1. HAHA!! I am cracking up at this post, only b/c this is SO something that would happen to me too!! I feel like we are definitely kindred spirits!! :) ...Hope it gets fixed soon and that there are no clothing casualties.

  2. Holy balls that looks like a nightmare situation!!! What a mess, but at least it forces you to organize, hah!

  3. haha this is awesome and totally something that would happen to me!!