Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One of the best parts of my trip home was getting to visit my mom's mom, my MaMa. She has Alzheimer's and lives in a facility specifically for people who have Alzheimer's and Dimentia. 

If you know anyone with Alzheimer's, you probably know that it's hard to predict their mood on a given day. We've seen MaMa's moods change over the years as her Alzheimer's has developed and changed. We've also seen her mood do a complete 180 in five minutes. One minute she could be upset or irritable and the next, she's on cloud nine. As I write that out, it makes me laugh a little to think that Kyle probably thinks that's how my moods can be too!

On one of my last days in Texas, my mom, dad, Kyle and I all went to visit her. When we first got to the house, she was sound asleep. We tried to wake her up for a little while but she wanted no part of that... not that I could blame her! We decided to leave, grab lunch and come back later in the afternoon. As soon as we got back, she was wide awake and in the best mood! 

I loved every sweet moment with MaMa. This was one of the best visits I've had with her in a long time and I left  with the biggest smile. We talked to her about familiar things, family members or the dog that she and my grandpa used to have. It was wonderful to see her recognizing the names of her grandchildren or hear her pick on my mom and aunt. She hasn't lost her wit and charm! She doesn't always speak very clearly now and sometimes even when she does speak clearly, it's hard to follow the stories. No matter what though, I could see so much of her in everything she said. Her facial expressions are exactly how they've always been. She has the same big laugh that lights up her whole face. Her gestures and mannerisms are just perfectly MaMa.

These pictures are all almost exactly the same, but I love each one so you get them all. 

One of the highlights of the visit was when she told Kyle he is good looking! So true and so cute of her to say! MaMa is one of those people that can make a total stranger feel completely at home and like she's known you forever. My mom and aunts are the same way and I see that in my sister as well. It is so heartwarming to see how her beautiful spirit and personality are in all of us. I think we all have a pinch of her sass as well!

I am so thankful to know all four of my grandparents as well as I do. Jennifer and I are so fortunate to have those relationships with our grandparents on both sides of the family. 

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