Friday, January 7, 2011

one year...and one day.

On January 6, 2010 (one year ago yesterday) we brought home our sweet Tucker.

I've put this picture on here a million times, but it's right after we decided to make him ours and I just love it!
I am sure it is quite obvious by now, and perhaps a little weird to some, that we are completely in love with our pup. He is such a joy in our life and we have truly learned so much from him. I know that most of you are probably rolling your eyes at how sappy that sounds, but it is the honest truth. 

We thought we had learned a lot until Tucker had his surgery and that turned out to be such a growing experience for us. He was such a strength to us while we were going through that and his cheerful personality has never wavered or changed.

New Year's Day with my buddy. 
It has been such a fun year with this little guy. He'll always be our first puppy, the first 'addition' for Kyle and me to make to our family. I adore his little face and he brightens our days. He has the sweetest personality and is a pure joy. I am so thankful that Kyle broke down and let us bring him home last January! Here's to many more years with our Tucker!

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