Friday, January 7, 2011

change of plans.

Earlier this week, Kyle and I made plans to drive back to Georgia on Wednesday. 

That turned into Thursday. Which turned into Saturday. And then Friday. 

I made reservations to have our last family (his and mine) dinner  on our last night (Thursday).

Until Kyle got a Friday afternoon dentist appointment and our plans went back to Saturday. 

So dinner changed to Friday at 7. And this morning, changed again to Friday at 6. 

I am a girl who likes a plan and ours have changed back and forth so many times that I've almost forgotten what day it is today. Tomorrow is the day, though. There is a chance of snow for Sunday in Atlanta and we want no part of driving in that!

Think of us tomorrow while you are all enjoying lazy, relaxing Saturdays. By the time you all wake up we hope to be in Louisiana and a few hours into our twelve hour trip. We're also expecting rain while we pass through a few states so hopefully that won't slow us down too much.

On that note, I think I'm done talking about leaving. We've been in Texas since December 13... almost a month! Let's just say that tomorrow is probably not going to be pretty for me. 

Off to load a month's worth of clothes and toiletries, plus all of our Christmas presents into the car. This will almost certainly be an interesting endeavor!

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. My husband (kyle) and I lived in CA. for three years (job transfer) and it was the toughest thing we've had to do. EVERY TIME we would visit home (Texas, duh) and leave, I would CRY for days!! We FINALLY just moved back about 2.5 months ago, prayers answered. We will pray for your safe arrival in Georgia and continue praying for a speedy return home to Texas. Lots of LOVE to you sweet girl!!! xoxo