Thursday, August 6, 2009

show us your life-wedding reception

It's time for another glimpse into our beautiful wedding day. Head over to Kelly's Korner to browse some other amazing weddings. If you are new to my little corner of the blog world, feel free to say hello!

This table held our guest book (if you look closely you can spot my mom, Jenn and Jason in this pic!)

wedding photos from Kyle's side of the family

and from mine (these pictures were located in the hallway that guests walked through to reach the cocktail area and ballroom)

place card table (just before entering the ballroom)

Sweetheart table. My parents bought us that bottle of champagne-we also had it the night we got engaged and they gave us another bottle for our first anniversary (thanks Mom and Dad!!)

these yummy cookies were the wedding favor

I knew we wouldn't have time to sit down and thank our parents at the reception, so we wrote a thank you note to both sets of parents and had them placed on their tables to read upon their arrival at the reception.


I am in love with our wedding cake

The groom's cake was pretty fantastic as well!

We chose rose petals for our exit-I loved it!

We got to leave in this beautiful car (thanks Kim and Scott!). It was a perfect way to leave our wonderful reception. We loved getting to see the stars on our drive downtown.

Hope you enjoyed this week's pictures. We were incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many dear friends and loved ones on our wedding day. Kyle and I talk all the time about what a perfect celebration it was and how much we loved every minute of our wedding day. It was truly a beautiful, joyful, amazingly fun experience!


  1. WOW! Your reception was so beautiful. Love the card idea for your parents as well. I really wish I had thought of that! The cookies are so cute and your cake is AMAZING. Looks like you thought of every single detail! I almost, almost did pale roses for my flowers as well... so elegant. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I was just reading back through some of your old blogs and read that you lived in Bryan for awhile... are you an Aggie? I graduated from A&M in 2005. Just thought that was neat that I just happened upon your blog and you're from my neck of the woods!

  3. Your wedding reception looked beautiful! Very classy, well done!