Friday, August 21, 2009

unexpected vacation.

The last week and a half have been unexpected and exhausting for the new Kruegers! Without getting into too much detail and to cut a long story short, I was at home in Texas since for a week because of a health scare. After a few tests and some stressful days of sitting around waiting for results, all is well and I am perfectly healthy. Definitely an answered prayer. Although this has been a stressful time for my family and me, it has reminded me of how very blessed I am to be surrounded by such incredible family and friends.

We just got back to our apartment and are exhausted from a day of traveling and a long week for both of us. Due to my incredible sleepiness and the fact that I need to unpack and get ready for the week, my recap of the past week is coming to you in list form.

Last week.....
  • Kyle started his second year of grad school
  • I joined my mom and aunt on a trip to take my PaPa to the doctor
  • Enjoyed lunch with Mom, Aunt Mary and my cousin, Kelsey
  • Shopped and had lunch at Brookwood with my mom and Kim
  • Caught up with two wonderful friends, Sara and Jessie, and enjoyed an evening of pizza, the hot tub and some good ol' girl talk (LOVED getting to see you both!!)
  • Had dinner in Clear Lake with Meredith (thanks for leaving your island to spend time with me!)
  • Celebrated good health by dining on a delicious meal with my parents and Kyle
  • Indulged in a mani-pedi date with my momma
  • Newlywed double date night with Troy & Ivy (fajitas, a tour of the new apartment, and a night of playing games)

My family and I are very thankful that the week ended so well. Kyle and I are excited to be back in Atlanta and don't have any travel plans on our agenda until October. We are looking forward to enjoying some time here in our new home!

Now I am off to unpack and start some laundry.... or maybe put on my sweatpants and enjoy that In Style magazine that is eyeing me from my coffee table....

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