Monday, August 10, 2009

weekend wrap-up.

We are back in Atlanta and feeling a little under the weather. Kyle has been sick with a cold for about a week and I finally managed to catch it too. I'm spending the day on the couch but wanted to share some pictures from our amazing weekend celebrating Troy and Ivy.

We had a fantastic time and were so honored to be involved in their special day. It was wonderful to spend the weekend with their family and friends and watch them finally become husband and wife. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Ivy was a stunning bride.

The happy couple is now honeymooning in Mexico and we are very much looking to hosting them here in Atlanta (seriously, come visit us!!)

Rehearsal dinner

With my handsome groomsman

Adorable ring bearer and sweet flower girl (cousins of the bride)

The Ruths!

The fellas

Beautiful cake (made by Ivy's cousin, Edet)

Yummy candy bar (the provider of our airplane snacks on Sunday)

Brash, Troy and Kyle

The Ruths + The Kruegers

(have I mentioned that we want you two to come visit?!)

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!


  1. I LOVE that candy bar! Those are such great ideas!

  2. Ivy is so ridiculously creative, it's not even funny! You guys look beautiful- your dress is adorable!!!