Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Tonight Tucker attended his first training class at Pet Smart. 

As of 6:30 this evening, this shiny blue clicker is now taking over our lives.

We will be using our clicker daily to complete our weekly homework and it will hopefully be beneficial to puppy and humans alike!

We had a great time at class and I am excited for the next seven weeks. There are only three dogs in our class and the teacher is great. Kyle and I quickly made the discovery that Tucker will be undergoing very little training.... rather, Kyle and I have already learned a million little things that we need to change. 

I'm crossing my fingers that my little furry friend will graduate his class with a whole new set of tricks and will leave behind a few of his less than favorable behaviors!


  1. So it's human training instead of dog training ;).

  2. this is funny. i always thought it was pet's mart!