Thursday, November 18, 2010

november 18, 1999

It was Judgment Day in Aggieland  
And tenseness filled the air;  
All knew there was a trip at hand,  
But not a soul knew where.

Assembled on the drill field  
Was the world-renowned Twelfth Man,  
The entire fighting Aggie team  
And the famous Aggie Band. 

And out in front with Royal Guard  
The reviewing party stood;  
St. Peter and his angel staff  
Were choosing bad from good. 

First he surveyed the Aggie team  
And in terms of an angel swore,  
"By Jove, I do believe I've seen  
This gallant group before. 

I've seen them play since way back when,  
And they've always had the grit;  
I've seen 'em lose and I've seen 'em win  
But I've never seen 'em quit. 

No need for us to tarry here  
Deciding upon their fates;  
Tis plain as the halo on my head  
That they've opened Heaven's gates." 

And when the Twelfth Man heard this,  
They let out a mighty yell  
That echoed clear to Heaven  
And shook the gates of Hell. 

"And what group is this upon the side,"  
St. Peter asked his aide,  
"That swelled as if to burst with pride  
When we our judgment made?" 

"Why, sir, that's the Cadet Corps  
That's known both far and wide  
For backing up their fighting team  
Whether they won lost or tied." 

"Well, then," said St. Peter,  
"It's very plain to me  
That within the realms of Heaven  
They should spend eternity. 

And have the Texas Aggie Band  
At once commence to play  
For their fates too we must decide  
Upon this crucial day." 

And the drum major so hearing  
Slowly raised his hand  
And said, "Boys, let's play The Spirit  
For the last time in Aggieland." 

And the band poured forth the anthem,  
In notes both bright and clear  
And ten thousand Aggie voices  
Sang the song they hold so dear. 

And when the band had finished,  
St. Peter wiped his eyes  
And said, "It's not so hard to see  
They're meant for Paradise." 

And the colonel of the Cadet Corps said  
As he stiffly took his stand,  
"It's just another Corps Trip, boys,  
We'll march in behind the band."  

P.H. Duval Jr '51

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  1. Thanks for posting and helping us remember.
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