Thursday, July 16, 2009

gal pals.

I don't have much new to write about this evening and am feeling a little too sleepy to be clever, so I will leave you all with a picture of some very special ladies. 

Meet my sweet Holick roommates: Meredith, Kelsey, yours truly, and Andrea. Kelsey is getting married next Saturday (cannot believe it's already here!) so Kyle and I will be heading to Dallas for the weekend. I cannot wait to see these girls again! They made my senior year absolutely wonderful and I am excited to spend the weekend with them! Love you, Merry, Banana and Dre-Face!

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  1. Eek - this made my heart stunningly happy! we come. I can't wait. There are so many nights I just wish we were sitting together watching Jon & Kate + 8...but that's a whole other sad issue. Miss you Stephie!