Thursday, July 9, 2009

deep in the heart of texas

Kyle and I had a fantastic time in Texas. We had a great time spending the weekend with our families and getting to see some friends. We spent the weekend at the Kruegers lake house. My parents joined us as well as some friends of the Krueger boys and Taylor's girlfriend. Troy and Ivy even stopped by on Friday! A few highlights from our lake days: 
  • watching 5 20-something year old boys sing "I'm on a boat" while riding around on the lake... absolutely, positively hilarious
  • the 4th of July boat parade (yours truly was dubbed Parade Queen by Kyle's mom)
  • delicious pulled pork made by my poppa
  • enjoying some girl time on the dock with Ivy and Megan
And now for the pictures...

decorating the boat for the parade... we've got BIG plans for the boat next year :)

Troy & Ivy

there was lots of laughing on this particular tube ride

I managed to hang on a little tighter than the boys

heading out for a ride with the fellas

Aside from our lake days, my mom and I managed to squeeze in two shopping trips. My wonderful dad even joined us for trip #2 :) We had a great time and found some wonderful deals at the Nordstrom's Pre-Sale. I am very excited for my purchases to arrive in my mail box and crossing my fingers that they make it here before my trip to visit Jenn. 

Our trip was great and we are so happy that we were able to be with our families for the holiday weekend. I'm off to finish up some laundry and bake some cookies for the husband... I'm leaving tomorrow for the weekend and want to be sure he has a little treat for while I'm away. I may be back tonight to fill you all in on the excited weekend I have ahead of me...


  1. oh man.. i cant believe we missed the "im on a boat" singing. that must have been HILARIOUS, im sure!!!!

  2. stephie, it makes me so happy to see pictures of you and kyle knowing you get to be with him all the time! even though i miss you quite much...but nonetheless, i get to see you in 2 weeks! eeeeekkkkk!!!!!