Thursday, July 23, 2009

weekend away.

Kyle and I are heading to Dallas today. This little lady is getting married and I am in the house party as well as one of the readers. 

With Kelsey Elizabeth back when we were Theta roomies

I can't believe you're getting married Banana! You are going to be so beautiful in that pretty new dress :)

In other Krueger news, we are having company the day we get back from our Dallas trip. Kyle's brothers, Ryan and Taylor, and his friend, Mason, will be staying with us for a few days. I have a few last things on my to-do list before we will be ready for them. We're excited for our first visitors to be here! We've got big plans to visit the aquarium and Varsity. It should be a fun few days!

Happy two months of marriage to my wonderful, wonderful husband! I am so proud to be married to you and am thankful for you every single day. Thanks for sticking with me for 7 years so we could make it to this exciting part of our life. I have loved every minute of it.

at our rehearsal dinner

I hope you all have wonderful weekends spent with family and good friends. I'll be back after the weekend with a super awesome wedding recap!

(Andrea... did you catch that extra phrase I threw in at the end?? Just for you roomie. SEE YOU TOMORROW!)

PS-I'll be traveling tonight so I may miss it, but SYTYCD is going to be AMAZING tonight! They are performing dances from previous seasons and one of them will be my ALL-TIME favorite, Ramalama Bang Bang. You can bet I will be watching this on my DVR the minute we get home from Dallas!


  1. Have fun in Dallas! P.S.- Thanks for reminding me about the 2 month anniversary. I will be sure to tell Jer. HA!

  2. Hey Stephanie, I've been following your blog after I found it from someone else's. I went to AHS and grew up across the street from Sara Miller. I read about your possible trip to the varsity and wanted to share my jealousy. My family lives in Atlanta and I love eating there. Enjoy ATL... it's a great city. Congrats on the wedding as well.