Sunday, July 19, 2009


One of my very best friends is moving to Galveston today and starting an amazing new job tomorrow. I could not be prouder of my sweet Meredith. 

When we moved into our house in Bryan last August, I had only met Meredith a handful of times. There were four of us ladies in our house and Meredith was the one I knew the least. Somehow though, we became fast friends and I am so thankful that we shared such a wonderful senior year on Holick Lane. Whether we were sipping coffee on early weekday mornings, sitting on each other's beds laughing and talking about our days, showing each other our newest shopping finds or helping one another pick out the perfect outfit, I loved every moment of living with this girl. 

Congratulations on your new job, Merry. Best of luck with your first day tomorrow. I cannot wait to see you this weekend and hear all about your first week in your new town. Galveston doesn't know how very lucky it is to have you!


  1. i start my job next i get a post?

    JUST KIDDING. i can't wait to see you friday!

    p.s. i have a super awesome gift for you! ;) get excited.

  2. Most definitely :) And I will personally wish you good luck when I see you THIS WEEKEND!!