Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'll meet you anytime you want...

In case you haven't heard, tomorrow I leave for a weekend in DC with my wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, fantastic big sister. I cannot wait!! I will only be there for a few days, but we will be filling them up with lots of awesome sister fun. What will we be doing??? Here's a little preview...

    I'll be paying another visit to the Nordstrom's presale... I promise, this one is just for sisterly shopping support... maybe ;)

    The Dairy Godmother-delicious frozen custard
    (we may not make it to this particular yummy ice cream shop, but I can almost guarantee that at some point this weekend we will be eating ice cream, wearing our pjs, reading magazines and watching a movie.... ah, sister bonding!)

    And now for the most exciting part...


    That's right ladies and gentlemen, we will be attending the Billy Joel concert! I cannot even put into words how incredibly excited I am about this! Jenn and I have loved Billy's music for as long as I can remember (yes, I call him Billy... sometimes even my Billy). My dad and Jenn got to see Billy years ago when Jenn won tickets from Mix 96.5 (I vividly remember her being on the phone with them... it was a very exciting moment in our home!). When I was in high school he came to Houston again and the whole family was lucky enough to be there. I cannot wait for Saturday night and to enjoy some of my favorite music with my lovely sister. Huge huge huge thanks to Jason for the ticket!!!

    Time to go focus on the SYTYCD results show. Earlier today I got caught up on last week's episodes that we missed while we were in Texas. Poor Kyle has had to sit through quite a bit of this show today, such a trooper. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your night!

    I almost forgot... did I mention that Elton John will be performing with Billy? It's pretty much going to be amazingly fun!

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