Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas part one.

I should probably start recapping some of our Christmas break before we say goodbye to 2010!

My sister and her husband got to town two days before Christmas and that's when the real fun started. It just didn't feel quite like Christmas until everyone was together. My parents picked Jenn and Jason up from the airport and then Kyle and I met all of them at one of our favorite lunch and shopping spots, Brookwood.

**Sidenote: If you live in the Houston/Sugar Land/Richmond/Katy area, you must go to Brookwood. They have a fantastic restaurant with incredible food and a shop with the most beautiful things for your home. They also have an incredible nursery out back with some beautiful plants for the garden. The greatest thing about Brookwood is best summed up by this quote from their website:
Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and demands dignity and respect for adults with special needs.
The Simars have been loyal Brookwood patrons for years. There is nothing better than knowing that your money is helping to support such a wonderful, special place. I hope you will all pay them a visit, it is one of my favorite places to go when I am in Texas. 
Anyway... We all enjoyed lunch and did some browsing. The shop was set up for Christmas and looked beautiful. I wish I would have taken more pictures to share of the beautiful decor.

We ditched the boys after lunch so we could squeeze in some girl time. My mom treated Jenn and me to manicures at a great nail salon in Sugar Land. We had the best time! It was nice to have a few hours for the three of us to relax together and chat without the guys. Thanks for spoiling us, Momma!

Jennifer and Jason were in El Paso for Thanksgiving this year so they didn't get to see our grandparents. We decided to take a little day trip to Orange, Texas on Thursday so we could celebrate Christmas with my dad's family. It was also Jason's first trip to Orange so we had a good time giving him a tour of my grandparent's house and the town where my dad grew up.

I made this pencil cup for my grandparents when I was really young and in Sunday school. It makes me smile to see them still using it.

We had a great time catching up with the family and enjoying some incredible food. My dad and I were very proud of the apple pie we made together...

But Grammy made both of these, plus about a dozen other treats AND an enormous lunch. 

It was a great visit and I am so thankful that we were all about to celebrate together. 

We had good food. Great family. And at the end of the day, very tall boys took naps in very small chairs.


  1. bahaha that picture of Kyle is priceless!

  2. Last year for one of our "Staff Development" days our principal took us on a field trip to Brookwood! It was AMAZING! I had never heard of it and everyone loved the restaurant! We got a tour of the whole place and it was such a great experience!