Thursday, December 16, 2010

thursday night thoughts.

Happy Thursday evening, dear readers!

I haven't updated lately because not a whole lot has been happening in our little world. Kyle has been busy with school and prepping for finals and I've been playing Santa Claus-choosing gifts, buying gifts, wrapping gifts-and taking care of the little puppy dog. And we've been packing like mad people all day long because...


Let's rewind a bit though. Before today hit and we went into mega-packing, mega-studying mode, we had a very exciting day with Tucker. If you've been keeping track, you may recall that Tucker's stitches were schedule to be removed on December 15. All went well yesterday and we are happy to report that Tucker is now free from his plastic cone and his itchy stitches. 

I haven't taken any better pictures of him yet so this one from my phone will have to do for now. We're a little too busy for a photo shoot!
Yes, the seatbelt hooks through his harness. When we let him roam free there is only one place he wants to be... sitting in the lap of the driver. We know it seems silly but he weighs 50 pounds and the driver's seat is just not the safest place for him to be!

We also got the results back from his biopsy. We were hoping that they would give us a really clear indication as to why all of this happened, but we didn't really gain much information at all. We are now giving him an eye drop each night as a precaution. This will help prevent glaucoma (which could have caused everything to begin with) and will also help shrink the size of his pupil. The ophthalmologist seems to think that the large size of his pupil (along with a slew of other things) may have made it easy for his lens to move out of place. I know, very confusing! We just started the drops yesterday and have already seen a difference in pupil size. He'll have his eye pressure checked again by his ophthalmologist in January and based on those results we'll decide if we need to adjust the dosage for his drops.

His surgery site looks incredible! He has healed really well and looks great. His spirits are back to what they used to be and I know he is so much more comfortable now than he has been for the last two weeks. There are still moments when I look at him and feel so, so sad for everything that he has gone through, but I think I'll always feel that way to some degree. For now though, we are beyond thankful that he is home and seems to be doing wonderfully. We've been giving him oodles of hugs over the last few days and can't stop talking about how great he looks.

Now for a few little randoms to wrap things up:
  • Kyle took his first final this morning and thinks that it went really well. He is finishing up a take-home final right now and will put this semester behind him after he turns it in tomorrow!
  • It has been FREEZING cold here. Literally, freezing. We had snow on Sunday and ice last night. We are very out of our element in this chilly weather. 
  • I am officially registered for classes for next semester! I will be taking 9 hours and am bursting with excitement. I cannot wait to get started!
  • Last week I finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.... ohmygosh it was amazing! I am about 200 pages into the second book and am loving it as well. 
  • I am forcing Kyle to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the drive home tomorrow. I hope he loves it.
  • I think that I have somehow managed to pack for three weeks in Texas. This is an accomplishment because I have no idea what I will be doing every day of this trip. It is also an enormous challenge because the temperatures are likely to range from 40 degrees to 95. 
  • This is the result of today's packing: 

Y'all, that isn't even all of it. See the red duffle... it is filled with shoes (not all mine) and the small rolling suitcase has Christmas presents in it. I still have one more small black suitcase with a random assortment of things that I decided I absolutely must have while we're in Texas. Fitting all of this and Tucker's kennel in the car will prove to be a challenge.

I have managed to ramble on about nothing for long enough, congratulations if you made it to the end of this post! I am off to finish up the last bit of laundry, dishes and packing before calling it a night!


  1. Finally! I have been hitting refresh all day long :) I'm so glad yall are all packed and ready to hit the road. Send Kyle my well-wishes for finishing up the semester! Love you crazy kids!

  2. Wow! No wonder you've been packing for a few days- you've got a lot to cart back to TX with you!
    I hope the trip tomorrow is easy and hassle free, and that Tucker is a champ in the car! Hope we see you in a few weeks :)

  3. Tucker looks amazing-what a brave pup! So glad to hear a happy ending.

  4. Tucker looks so great! He's a tough puppy!