Tuesday, December 7, 2010

one week.

Well it has officially been one week since this happened. 

One week since Tucker's eye looked kinda funny

One week since they told us he would be completely blind. Then only blind in one eye. Then blind except for light sensitivity and finally that he would lose his eye. 

It has been a long, hard week. 

In the last week we have:
  • Set our phone alarms to be sure Tucker gets his pain pills every 8 hours... 6 am, 2 pm and 10 pm. (yesterday we were able to adjust our pill schedule and now start pain meds at 8 am... that early wake up was getting OLD!)
  • Fed him wet dog food for every meal instead of his typical dry food. 
  • Discovered that wet dog food smells B-A-D. 
  • Kept him from trying to scratch at the cone on his head. 
  • Slept on our sleeper sofa, with the dog, to keep him from trying to get his cone off in the middle of the night (he typically sleeps in a kennel but can't fit with the cone)
  • Stayed with him for every minute of every day. Literally. One of us is with him at all times... we even went to church in shifts on Sunday so that someone would be home with him. 
  • Been to the vet for two scares with his other eye (neither were anything, thank goodness!) 
  • Discovered that our puppy can get nose bleeds. Yep... another vet visit in honor of that adventure as well.
There are a few things we haven't been able to do... I had to cancel a trip to visit my sister in DC. We missed out on skating at Piedmont Park with friends and a friend's birthday dinner at a great restaurant we've been wanting to try. I didn't get to make holiday cookies for Kyle's office party. We also haven't had a solid night's sleep in days.

It's all been more than worth it though because Tucker is feeling well and healing *perfectly*. His swelling has gone done a great deal and the bruising is looking a lot better. His hair is even starting to grow back where they shaved it for surgery and the IV.

The better Tucker feels, the tougher our job is! He is trying like crazy to get his cone off (he proved the other day that he can and it scared us to death) and thinks he can poke around in the apartment just like he used to. I had to stop myself from laughing the other day while he tried to wiggle his way underneath our coffee table... bless his heart he hates that cone!

We're still scheduled to get his stitches out next Wednesday and are hoping to hear about the biopsy of his eye before then. 

I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and kind words. The first few days were ROUGH but we're getting through and I'm actually kind of proud of how Kyle and I have been handling all of this. It's times like this when I really wish our families were closer, but we are learning so much about looking to each other for support. I'm still trying not to think about it all too hard. He is such a lovable pup and it makes me so sad to think of how much pain he was in just one week ago. We're feeling pretty confident that he doesn't know anything is different, except for the giant plastic thing on his head. Once that disappears we have a feeling things will be back to normal for our little family. We. can't. wait.

ps-I have some other super cute pictures of him on my camera but can't get them on my computer. Apparently my hard drive is full and no matter how many things I delete, I just can't make enough space :( 


  1. Sweet Tucker! I'm glad he's healing well. Great, wonderful, fantastic news. Bummer you had to miss out on a few things you wanted to do, but you know that you'd have really been too worried about Tucker to enjoy yourself if you'd have gone. Cause I know how that feels.

    Hope you hear from the Vet soon :)

    (and yes, dogs can get nose bleeds. My hub's scrubs can attest to this. One dog got so worked up at the clinic that he started spraying blood out of his nose. Ew.)

  2. I had no idea doggies could get nosebleeds... would have scared me to death. I would have thought Lola's brain was bleeding or something. You and Kyle are going to make amazing parents to human babies one of these days.. you guys are taking such amazing care of Tucker! He is one lucky pooch. :)

  3. oh im so glad tuck is feeling bette! poor thing! yall are such awesome puppy parents! i cant wait to see yall soon!