Thursday, December 2, 2010

thanksgiving 2010.

How about a happy recap of our Thanksgiving?? Sounds lovely to me!

Kyle and I are lucky in that we grew up about 15 minutes from one another. That means on every trip home, we get to spend time with both the Simar and Krueger sides and everyone gets time together... it's great!

We flew home to Texas on Wednesday. This was a bit of a crazy decision for the following reasons:

1. Kyle had class until noon and our flight was at 1:50... hello, time crunch!
2. We were flying out of the busiest airport in the world. 
3. The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. 
4. The sweet TSA decided to try out some controversial new security methods just in time for our trip.

Despite all of that working against us, we made it to Houston safely and on time!

Kyle's parents had my family over for dinner Wednesday night and a few friends joined us for some delicious food and catching up. 

Thanksgiving is always feels like a marathon of eating huge meals but even more so now that we do Thanksgiving dinner twice! We had lunch at my parent's house and my dad's parents and siblings joined us. 

My dad and his mom, taking care of some final preparations. My grammy is an incredible cook and I think my dad sees Thanksgiving as his opportunity to make her proud of his own culinary skills (he and my mom are Thanksgiving masters!!)

My sister became the carving assistant a few years ago. She and my dad carve the turkey and my responsibility is helping make the homemade apple pie. I didn't make it home in time to make the pie and Jenn was celebrating Thanksgiving in El Paso this year, so responsibilities shifted and I was this year's carving partner for my dad. 

In the Simar family you don't just jump in and start doing something. You must first research and learn how to do it properly. We're a 'measure twice, cut once' kind of family. Except that we measure fifteen times and draw a diagram before we even think about cutting!

That's what is happening in this picture.... I'm receiving part one of my lesson on how to carve a turkey. (we didn't have a diagram, although I'm sure we would have if I'd only asked!) 

I love my daddy. 

My Aunt Angela and cousin Madison stayed close while we got the turkey ready... they were waiting for some samples. 

I forgot to take a picture of the massive spread of food, but I assure you that it was magnificent.

After a great lunch, everyone spread out to do some of the things they love most....

Kyle alternated between watching football and sleeping. 

Little Sarah Jane showed of her stair skills. 

And my cousins Patrick and Madison sweet-talked my dad into setting up the Play Station so they could play some video games.

We had a great time hanging out with my family and after a delicious lunch and some good family time, it was time to gear up for round 2!

The only picture I have of us with the Kyle's parents and brothers is being used for the Krueger family Christmas card so I'm keeping it under wraps... get on Kyle's mom's good side and I'm sure she'll drop one in your mailbox :)

And what would Thanksgiving be without the Texas A&M/ University of Texas football game?? I made everyone who had a school tshirt change clothes for the game... let's just say that this little Aggie was in the minority at the Krueger house!

Troy, Ivy and little puppy Pepper joined us for some football and we had a great time getting to share part of our Thanksgiving with them!

In Kyle's defense, I had to force him to take this picture with me. He better get used to it because we're taking one every year until forever... sorry dear!

Friday afternoon we boarded another plan and took off for El Paso. Pictures from the trip to come soon!

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