Sunday, December 5, 2010

swEll Paso

Friday after Thanksgiving we headed back to the airport with my parents and took off for El Paso. Jason's parents wanted to host a post-wedding party for Jenn and Jason in their hometown. 

I just about fell over laughing at Jenn's proper El Paso welcome at the airport...
She found that little gem of a sombrero in the Schwartzes costume box. HILARIOUS!

Jason wanted to show us some of the El Paso sights so our first stop was the famous Lucchesse boot store. We wasted no time in getting some gorgeous Lucchese boots on our feet!

My new boots!

There were so many amazing, intricate designs on the boots. And there were LOTS of boots...

Kyle wasn't interested in any boots (or shopping in general) so he guarded my Sonic drink and my boots while I helped the rest of the fam. Such a trooper!

 And before we had even been in town for two hours, the Simar four had brand new Lucchese boots to take home. We don't waste any time!

Jason took us on a little driving tour of town after our boot shopping extravaganza. We drove to a great lookout where we could see the Texas/Mexico border. If I'm remembering correctly (which I am probably not) the two parallel lines of white lights mark the border. 

 Jason's parents had us all over for dinner on Friday night. I didn't take any pictures but we had a fantastic time getting enjoying some AMAZING El Paso cuisine and getting to know Jason's family. 

We continued our tour on Saturday and headed to Las Cruces in New Mexico. 

Mom outside the book store in the town square.

What trip to the book store would be complete without digging up some family history?? Jason found a picture of his great great grandfather, Adolf Schwartz, in this book. Great Great Grandfather Schwartz founded The Popular in El Paso. 

Las Cruces was the place to be on Saturday... we ran into some friends after our visit to the book store.

The real reason we headed to Las Cruces was so that we could eat lunch at the famous La Posta de Mesilla restaurant. If you ever find yourself wandering around Las Cruces and craving delicious queso and fajitas... I highly recommend La Posta!

After lunch it was time to head back to El Paso and get ready for the main event... Jennifer and Jason's party!

The party was at the Schwartzes country club and included delicious food, beautiful decorations and a FANTASTIC mariachi band!

It's not an El Paso party unless there is a mariachi band...

and of course the guests of honor enjoyed a lovely serenade.

The Simar + Schwartz gang

On Sunday we had brunch with Jason's parents, brother and grandparents at Ardovino's Desert Crossing in New Mexico. 

I am so happy that we were able to make the trip to El Paso! It made for a jam-packed and exhausting few days of travel but it was more than worth it. We've heard so much about Jason's hometown and loved having him show us around. His parents were fabulous hosts and we had a wonderful time spending the weekend with the family.


  1. Love this blog's post title!! And I LOVE all of your cute outfits. Hope Tucker is recovering well.

  2. Y'all look like you had a lot of fun. Your sister's party looked like a lot of fun-- and you always looked fabulous :)

  3. ummm, loving the family luchesse's! how awesome is that?
    your outfits are all adorable-- you're such a cutie! i love that your sister showed up in a sombrero! (and I adore her dress at their party).

  4. so fun! im glad yall go to go and have such a good time! you looked fab in every picture of course :) <3

  5. What an awesome post! I'm so glad you and Kyle came to El Paso! It was such a wonderful weekend, and your pictures are priceless! Great job sister!

  6. Great post. El Paso and the Schwartzes are ready to entertain all of you ANYTIME. It was great fun.