Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas part two: christmas eve.

Christmas Eve was a very busy day for our family! We spent the morning and afternoon celebrating with my mom's side of the family. Not all of my aunts, uncles and cousins joined us but we had a great time with the family that was there!

There was no denying that the guest of honor that day was little miss Anderson (my cousin's baby girl). She was celebrating her very first Christmas and we could not get enough of her!

Jenn and I take our role of super old older cousins very seriously. We plan to teach Anderson ALL the important things in life, starting with how to make puppy chow...

I promised her that next year I'll let her have a little taste of that chocolatey goodness. What are we good for if not sneaking her sweets??

After our baking fun, it was time to play pass the baby!

Every single picture I took had Anderson in it. Apparently I am just a wee bit obsessed with this little gal. And I am not the least bit ashamed of that!

The Krueger fam has a tradition of a big lasagna dinner on Christmas Eve. I didn't take any pictures at dinner but it was DELICIOUS! My whole family joined us over there for dinner so we had a great Krueger-Simar celebration. We are very lucky to live so close and all be able to celebrate together. 

Another Krueger tradition is opening presents on Christmas Eve. We never got to do that when I was growing up so I embrace that tradition fully :) All of the Christmas Eve presents are from family so there are still Santa presents to open on Christmas morning. It's great fun. 

Tucker has discovered which of Kyle's brothers will spoil him and let him break the rules. After we opened presents, Tucker climbed right into Ryan's lap and snuggled in for a nice nap. Ryan didn't seem to mind... he seems pretty fond of his little nephew-pup.

After presents at the Krueger's, we joined my family for midnight mass. My dad read one of the Christmas Eve readings at mass. I am so glad we were there to hear that! No one was too thrilled that I wanted to stay after mass to get a Christmas picture, but I love it and am so glad we did it!

We slept at Kyle's house this year on Christmas Eve. Tucker and I did a little bit of snuggling before we went to bed to wait for Santa. This wasn't Tucker's first Christmas, but it was his first one with us and it was so fun! 

One more Christmas post to come! 

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  1. love all of these posts! the aprons were so cute!!