Monday, December 6, 2010

the cutest breakfast date.

Kyle and I had a very special breakfast date last Monday. 

My cousin, Allison, was in Georgia to visit her husband's family for Thanksgiving. Their flight home to Dallas wasn't until Monday afternoon so we had the pleasure of meeting Allison, Danny and sweet little Anderson for breakfast. 

I think her shirt says it all. Little miss is a cutie and the sweetest little baby!

Anderson was born just a few weeks before Jenn's wedding in August and until last week the wedding was the only time I had seen her. I was a little busy at the wedding so getting to see her (and her parents!) in Atlanta was a huge treat!!

I love this little girl so much and can't wait to watch her grow up (but please stay little for as long as you can, sweet girl!)
We will have the pleasure of seeing Anderson on her very first Christmas, but I'll have to share her snuggly hugs with lots of other cousins, aunts and her grammy. I am known in my family as being a baby hog so I was very excited to have her all to myself last week :)

Thanks Danny and Allison for spending some time with us in Georgia! We cannot wait for our next meeting in Texas!


  1. So I assume that I get to have a solid three hours of the baby at Christmas time since that's what it looks like you got in Hotlanta. Deal? Great, it's a deal! MWAH!

  2. I'm so glad it worked out that we could meet up. We had a great time. Little anderson loves her cousin stephanie so much already! We continue to pray for your furry baby! Love ya.